We Just Clicked by Sophie Childs

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We Just Clicked

Sophie Child’s latest novel, We Just Clicked, is one of those books that you pick up, start reading and fail to put down once again until you are closing the back cover. This is an easy-to-read romance that causes time to disappear without you even realising it.

WARNING – This book will cause slept deprivation.

The Story of We Just Clicked by Sophie Childs

“All I can say is thank God its Friday.” (pg.2)

Erin has had a heavy week at work so when Bex, her best friend, suggests drinks to kick off the weekend, why would she refuse. However, this particular evening seems to be no less stressful because Bex wants to discuss the arrangements for Erin’s hen do. She wants strippers but Erin has already promised her husband-to-be, Tyson, that there will be no such thing; no raucous behaviour, nothing that will embarrass him.

She feels so lucky to have met such a great guy, everything is perfect.

“…I was about to marry the most gorgeous man I’d ever met. Things couldn’t be more perfect.” (pg.8)

How wrong came someone be?

Fast-forward just a few hours and Erin’s perfect life seems to have shattered.

Tyson has decided that things are moving too fast. Yes, it was a whirlwind romance and yes he proposed but now he can’t follow it through. He has changed his mind and no longer wants to get married – Is it cold feet or another woman?

Devastated, Erin is forced to move home; to the one person that will happily rant on about how he was never good enough for her anyway. The one person that will smother her, drive her crazy and force her to find a place to live as soon as physically possible no matter what it looks like or where it is.

Bex in the meantime is happy to have her best friend back. Just the day before, she was thinking about all of those quiet nights in she would be forced to have because Erin was too content to stay in on a Saturday night and now, well… how many cocktails should one girl consume again each week?

Bex is also a fan of the online dating world, making full use of her membership never seeing a guy twice but having a lot of fun along the way, but can she convince it is the right thing for Erin?

Or maybe her mum has already found the perfect man for her?

“Tall with slightly tan skin, his honey brown hair was tousled, but not too long, how I liked it, and when he saw me, he smiled, making his green eyes sparkle.” (pg. 38)

Isn’t it amazing how wrong first impressions can be? He may have looked the part but would anyone really want to go out with someone who actively stalked their ex on their first date.

“’Seriously? You spend the whole night sitting in his car outside his ex-girlfriend’s house?’ Bex spat out her drink laughing when I told her about my date with Brian.” (pg.43)

Perhaps online dating wouldn’t be so bad after all.

Convincing herself that she doesn’t want to be single nor does she want to be set up again by her mother, Erin gives in and lets Bex create a profile on the dating website, Mutual Friend.

Convinced that nobody will be interested in her anyway, Erin continues with her search for the perfect flat, or any flat for that matter in her price range, which apparently is a bit of rarity in London and for a few days forgets all about her dating woes.

On a whim, and probably because the flat-hunting finally turned up a gem, Erin decides to check her dating profile, opting to go on a date with Shane, after he quoted lines from her favourite movie during his chat-up email.

Perhaps things are beginning to look up? Maybe it’s time she starts to think positively again.

Erin suddenly feels quite optimist about the future. Her date may be a little short but if he was charming what did it matter, and the fact that he has chosen an Italian restaurant for their first meal suggested that he was at least that.


“’This is my favourite restaurant,’ he beamed as he stopped outside Pizza Hut.” (pg.61)

Well perhaps he is short of money and as he has offered to pay perhaps Erin shouldn’t be so judgemental, or should she?

“’Right, well, since I’m paying, we’ll skip starters and go straight to the main. And I’d appreciate it if you stuck to tap water.’” (pg.61)

Maybe this was a bad idea.

Within fifteen minutes she has hidden herself away in the toilets and is calling Bex. She got her into this therefore, she can get her out of it.

Just moments after sitting herself back at the table, Bex is back on the phone giving her a reason to leave, and Erin for once, doesn’t feel sorry for the person opposite; in fact she practically runs out.

Determined never to put herself through that again, Erin decides to delete her profile; if she can’t find a guy the old-fashioned way (e.g. face-to-face) then maybe she isn’t ready to date someone just yet.

Sitting in her room, she fires up her laptop but just as she is about to hit the delete her profile an email title catches her eye.

“The loneliness of an online dating loser” (pg. 66)

Now, whilst people would automatically press the delete button, Erin’s curiosity is spiked and she can’t help herself. Even with Bex’s voice in her head telling her not to click on it she can’t help herself.

“Hey there,
I just wanted to say that your personality really shines out of your photo – great choice!
I know that you’ll have a gazillion messages from guys all hoping to be lucky enough to take you out and this is just another one, like all the others, but here’s why I’m not like all the others.” (pg. 66)

Within minutes of reading her message, Erin is responding, unsure what she is really doing but for some reason what was written has left an impression on her.

Has Erin finally met her perfect man?

Our Thoughts on We Just Clicked

Not normally one for chick-lit novels I picked this one up because I was intrigued to see whether any author within this genre could keep my attention. Well. Sophie Childs has certainly achieved that. I couldn’t put this book down, reading it in one sitting and feeling slightly deflated once it was finished.

Like any good book, you want to know what happens but you don’t quite want it to end – this is how I feel about We Just Clicked.

It isn’t a soppy love story but more like a look into the reality of any young girl looking to find Mr Perfect in the modern age. Ok, so not everyone will be lucky enough to meet the man of her dreams over the internet, and not everyone will meet a guy quite like Erin’s but the stories are relatable, which makes this book all-the-more enjoyable.

Travelling Book Junkie Rating: ****

Have you read We Just Clicked? Perhaps you have read another Sophie Childs novel that we would enjoy? Or perhaps you know of other Chick-lit books that we should read. Please let us know in the comments below.


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