Enjoy the Most Romantic Honeymoon in the Lake District

A cottage along the waters edge in the Lake District, Cumbria, England

Have you ever considered spending a romantic honeymoon in one of the world’s most scenic and beautiful locations? If you and your beau are interested in the idea and looking for options, you are on the right page. A wedding is indeed a very special celebration of life and about entering a whole new chapter where you would both choose to be together for the rest of your lives. Hence, everything needs to be perfect for D-day and the honeymoon. The couple planning their weddings can choose the Lake District as their honeymoon destination. 

If you are searching for the most scenic and romantic destination in the United Kingdom, there can be no better choice than England’s Lake region. The beautiful lakes, charming towns, historical past, and iconic mountains make this place a true paradise. The plenty of lakes and hills also make it an ideal place for a host of outdoor activities. So, head to the Lake District if you are searching for the perfect romantic gateway post-wedding. When it comes to accommodations, you can now book last minute cottages Lake District.

The Lake District is a beautiful part of the world that inspired Beatrix Potter to create an amazing set of children stories

A relaxing break

Planning for the big day and the preparation for it takes up all the energy. So, after the madness of the wedding is over, head straight for a relaxing vacation to England’s Lake District. And what is more fascinating about the place it just takes over an hour to fly to this location from London. So, if you stay near London, you can expect to walk on the Scafell Pike, England’s rooftop, in just 24 hours after walking down the aisle. Even if you prefer traveling by road or taking a train, it will not take more than 2 to 3 hours to reach your destination from Manchester, Leeds, or Liverpool. Both of you can enjoy a stress-free honeymoon with no hassles of visas, currency exchange, or even jetlag. 

Before heading to the Lake District, you must be aware that phone signals are almost non-existent, especially up on the hills. It is a boon in the sense that you two can get disconnected from the outside world and spend quality time together. 

An opportunity to create memories

Nowadays, honeymooners are often ready with bucket lists of activities that will enable them to create an experience of a lifetime. The Lake District National Park covers an area of 2362 square kilometres with more than 20 water bodies, 200 fells, and 28,500 hectares of woodlands providing a scope to explore its natural wonders. There is so much to see and do in this region that it is almost impossible to finish all of these in a single holiday. So, while preparing the itinerary focus on what you are expecting from this trip. The area is jampacked with activities like:

  • Hiking up the tallest mountain in England
  • Cruising in the largest lake in the UK
  • Cycling on the steepest paths
  • Rock climbing
  • Leisurely horse riding
  • Hot air balloon ride
  • Roaming around the place visiting the home of renowned poet William Wordsworth
  • Romantic Yacht or Gondola ride 
  • These are all Instagram-worthy experiences that you will treasure for life. 

A taste of world-class food

Cumbria in the Lake District has the highest number of Michelin-star restaurants after Berkshire and London that can provide the best dining experience. All of the Lake District has many cozy restaurants, coffee houses, and pubs where you can enjoy the local cuisine. The gingerbread store in Grasmere is also very famous. Another striking feature of these modern eateries is that they are nestled among the ancient houses of the region. For couples who are foodies, the Lake District is a must-visit.

Knotts Cottage, Lake Windermere, Lake District, UK

Knotts Cottage

A romantic place to stay

A luxury cottage in an unrivalled location will complete your dream honeymoon. It is not difficult to find luxury holiday cottages in the Lake District amid beautiful landscapes or by the side of the lake or a mountain. However, the Lake District is a popular tourist spot and remains crowded almost throughout the year. So, reserve a romantic cottage in advance to enjoy your honeymoon in this beautiful location. Do not worry if you have planned late. If you have made a last-minute plan to escape to this most scenic location just after the wedding do search for a place to stay. Sometimes you are lucky to get a few last-minute accommodations in the Lake District.

Knotts Cottage, Near Lake Windermere, Lake District, UK

The stunning view from our back garden at Knotts Cottage

Try to find a location from where you can take a walk around exploring the most stunning locations of this region. There is no doubt that it is much easier to hire a car and roam around the National Park exploring the breath-taking beauty. But, it seems most romantic to walk hand in hand and take lazy strolls along the picturesque path. 

The Lake District is such a charming and laid-back destination that you will surely return time and again. And, surely each time you will return with a new experience.

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Have you visited the Lake District? Do you have a favourite area to visit, mountain to climb or coffee shop you like to relax in? 

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