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Travel Europe with Us and our Motorhome Gulliver

After several years, we finally brought Gulliver, our little house of wheels, in May 2022. It has been something we discussed on and off for years and contemplated converting a van for ourselves. However, with the costs of vans skyrocketing over the past 18 months, we decided to purchase a used motorhome instead.

New to vanlife and setting out on a tour of Europe in our motorhome Gulliver.

Meet Gulliver, an Elddis Autoquest 196

Why? Well, for the past seven years we were fortunate enough to live a unique lifestyle, working on campsites across Europe. However, with the change of circumstances here in the UK, we are no-longer allowed to work in these countries without residency or a visa, both of which are difficult to get with the jobs we did because there was no 12-month contract or permanent address.

After working in Scotland in 2021, we quickly decided that we no-longer felt rewarded. We had easily fallen back into the trap of working longer hours than we should and having very little time to ourselves. It was a thankless task with the company we worked for taking everything and giving very little.

It was then that we knew things needed to change.

Which brings us to today.

We are now working full-time for ourselves, working the hours we choose in whichever location we want. This may sound like a bit of a cliché life choice right now, but with the world opening up to Digital Nomads, it seemed like our destiny was finally calling.

We now have the freedom to travel the world, should we wish, while earning money, which is perhaps the biggest concern many people face when wanting a change in lifestyle.

Is the work any easier? Hell no! In fact, we are now working more hours than ever before. However, the difference is we can be flexible with those hours and can travel at the same time.

Intrigued and want to know more? Then follow along with our travels here.

In this section of the blog we will be talking about all things van life related. From starting out, how to find the perfect campsite or wild camping spot, to technical issues we have faced and how to overcome them. We are going to share everything with you (and chances are it won’t always be pretty).

And, of course, if you have any questions please just ask. 

Picking up Gulliver, our motorhome from the dealers in May 2022

Picking up Gulliver from the dealership

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The idea of van life, or even a weekend break in your camper, is to get away from it all. To be able to enjoy adventures outside, perhaps light a bonfire to roast some marshmallows over after the sun sets, or maybe enjoy the cloudless night skies looking for stars….

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