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Looking for inspiration for your next big read? All books, fiction, and non-fiction, mentioned here have been independently and honestly reviewed. Whether you are looking for a new crime thriller to sink your teeth into, a romance to curl up with or a memoir from a business mogul to motivate you, there is an abundance of suggestions here for you. You can also find author interviews in this section to help inspire your own writing.

Fictional Book Reviews

Review: Buried by Lynda La Plante


In the aftermath of a fire breaking out at a remote house near Aylesbury, a badly burned and blackened body is found.  However, it is definitely not the previous owner of the place as she has unfortunately just passed away. Perhaps it was a vagrant trying to stay warm and…

You Never Told Me is the latest novel by Sarah Jasmon. Read the full review via @tbookjunkie

Review: You Never Told Me by Sarah Jasmon


Charlie doesn’t seem to like backpackers or the fact that they represent privilege, freedom and even perhaps naivety. All she sees is the way these individuals take over cities and countries, not necessarily thinking about the impact they have on the local communities. But then she is in Thailand herself,…

Convictions by Caro Land, a full review by tbookjunkie on the first in a series of court room dramas

Review: Convictions by Caro Land


Natalie is back in town, returning from Mallorca to the firm after several years enjoying life as the landlord of her very own Spanish bar with her wayward boyfriend, Jose.  Her reality check came when she received a call from her mum’s next-door neighbour explaining that Anna, her rock, had…

Second Sister by Chan Ho Kei is an emotive read about cyberbullying, sexual harassment and suicide

Review: Second Sister by Chan Ho-Kei


“Just as Nga-Yee thought everything was going back to normal, Siu-Man stepped from that window of their twenty-second-story flat.” (Page 28) Nga-Yee and her sister, Siu-Man have not had an easy couple of years. Firstly, their father had an accident at work which killed him outright and then they had…

Non Fiction Book Reviews