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The 24-Hour Cafe by Libby Page best selling author of The Lido.

Review: The 24-Hour Cafe by Libby Page


“The city that never sleeps and neither does Stella’s. A glowing red sign marks out the cafe that serves fish and chips, bangers and mash and American pancakes to Londoners and visitors at any time of day or night.” Hannah and Mona work hard taking orders and delivering food to…

Damaged by Dan Scottow

Review: Damaged by Dan Scottow


Thinking back, it was one of those unusual summers when Emily and Alice were 12 and carefree – extremely warm, which in the UK is never guaranteed. This ultimately led to kids having water fights and adults socialising over BBQs and cold glasses of wine. That was until the night…

The Other You by J.S. Monroe

Review: The Other You by J.S. Monroe


“We’ve all got a double out there somewhere, watching, waiting. Shadowless.” (Page 9) Have you ever wondered if you have a double out there somewhere? Would you want to meet them or are you happy not knowing? Rob, a 29-year-old tech entrepreneur is living his best life. He has a…

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A Travel Guide to Iloilo in the Philippines


Iloilo, located on Panay Island, is yet another popular destination in the Philippines. This highly urbanized city carries influences of its Spanish roots, and one can see those impacts in the Spanish-style houses and churches throughout the city. The city itself is the very representation of what the Philippines is…

Why everyone should visit the Philippines

The Real Beach Experience – Visit the Philippines


Imagine yourself in a touristy beach – trash littered all over, nothing visible but people’s heads and bodies bobbing in the water, strolling and playing in the sand and rides and boats full of them… well, that’s not how you would want to visualize your beach holiday to be, would…