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Which travel insurance covers Repatriation costs?

Which Travel Insurance Covers Repatriation?


The simple answer is that all travel insurance covers repatriation, which is standard coverage. Most of the time, the coverage is under the medical expenses category of the travel insurance policy. It is expensive, which can cover, at least, £1 million. But the most important thing you need to know…

A Travel Guide to Iloilo in the Philippines


Iloilo, located on Panay Island, is yet another popular destination in the Philippines. This highly urbanized city carries influences of its Spanish roots, and one can see those impacts in the Spanish-style houses and churches throughout the city. The city itself is the very representation of what the Philippines is…

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Is reading really therapeutic? Can it be used to help with your mental wellbeing? check out why we think it can via @tbookjunkie

Reading as Therapy


These days it is easy to find a therapist because of online solutions like But did you know that picking up a book could be therapeutic as well? There are several mental health benefits to reading that are backed up by mounting scientific evidence. Reading is great for the…