9 Top Reasons for Visiting Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia, Petronus Towers

The iconic Petronus Towers of Kuala Lumpar (Image provided by J)

Most visitors are drawn to Kuala Lumpur, charmed by its European lifestyle, high class shopping venues and a pulsating night scene. However, if you scratch a bit below the surface, you will be pleasantly surprised to discover that there is a lot more to love in this vibrant destination for holidaymakers.

Kuala Lumpur’s principal plus points are the rich culture and history. Add to it some excellent places of natural beauty and you hàve a modern metropolis waiting to display some unparalleled opportunities to enjoy and relax. There are many reasons to set foot in this flourishing capital city, but only the main ones are highlighted here.

#1 Non Stop Shopping

Asians are addicted to shopping, and Kuala Lumpur is like an oasis to them. In fact, today this city is probably the shopping mecca of the world. Places like Chinatown, Little India and Central Market, to name a few, offer irresistible bargains and a wide range of options to attract buyers.

#2 Iconic Landmarks

From the world renowned Petronas Twin Towers to the KL tower, Istana Negara and other prominent pre-war buildings, Kuala Lumpur is an architectural marvel in itself. Large convention centers, luxury hotels and a range of classic malls occupy centre stage here.

KL Tower, Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia

The KL Tower lit up at night (Image provided by Jo at Wander With Jo)

#3 Pulsating  Nightlife

They say Kuala Lumpur rises from slumber only after the sun has set. With the onset of darkness, the city lights up with a throbbing night scene, complete with lively pubs, discos and karaoke lounges. Bangsar, in downtown KL, is the pulse of revelers looking to socialise and have fun.

#4 Natural Wonders

Where else can you come across a large natural environment, bang in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, like the Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve. The place is great for spotting different species of wildlife in their natural habitat and has been around for nearly 100 years. Some other equally good spots for nature buffs are the National Zoo, Lake Gardens and the exotic KL Bird Park.

KL Bird PArk, Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia

A peacock sitting pretty at the KL Bird park (Image provided by Jo of Wander With Jo)

#5 Unique Cuisine

If there is one place where you can taste a variety of cuisine from many different countries, it is Kuala Lumpur. The mixed population of Malay, Chinese and Indian descent, together with the prominent European flavour, has made the city a market full of international dishes.

#6 Vibrant Art Scene

If you really want to immerse yourself in the Malay art culture, head to Kuala Lumpur. Ballet performances, cultural programmes, concerts, theatres and live musical shows are an everyday occurrence in the city.

#7 Spa and Wellness Retreats

The astonishing range of spas and wellness  centers in Kuala Lumpur offer traditional Malay treatments, found nowhere else in Asia. For the ideal refreshing and rejuvenating holiday, a visit to the city is a must. Outlets such as, Mandara Spa, Spa Village, Banjaran Hot Springs and hundreds of other retreats allow visitors to indulge themselves in a variety of fitness rituals. Treatments include, Chinese Peranakan, Gandapura Nusantara are just a few of the divine offerings available.

#8 Accommodation

The city of Kuala Lumpur caters to the budget of almost any tourist, as far as good and clean accommodation is concerned. From high class luxury resorts down to pocket friendly guesthouses, with all facilities essential for a relaxing vacation are easily found here. Visitors can flirt with luxury at the Mandarin Oriental, Shangri-La, Sunway Putra Hotel and others.

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#9 Entertainment Infrastructure

Kuala Lumpur is full of exciting and fun filled activities, perfect for the entire family. The infrastructure is excellent, with modern theme parks, sports stadia, golf courses and other events.The city is home to the largest roller coaster ride in the world for a truly memorable experience.

Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia

The vibrant Skyline of Kuala Lumpar (Image provided by Andrew Lawson)

Kuala Lumpar really is a city with so much to offer it is easy to see why thousands of people flock there each year.  I for one have always had it in my sights as a winter location.  After all, we have been known to sneak away from the European winter for a few days in a more welcoming climate.

Have you visited Kuala Lumpar?  What would you recommend the largest city in Malaysia to others?  We would love to hear your suggestions on places to visit in this capital city. Have you used Traveloka, a great booking hotel platform, if so we would love to hear about your experiences.

Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia

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