Experiencing Vietnam – Places You Must Visit


Vietnam is one of the most mystical and attractive world destinations to many travellers. The country has a population of almost 100 million people, and it’s one of the most historically rich places you can visit. From history to luxury, Vietnam ticks all boxes for a truly life-changing journey, and…

Second Sister by Chan Ho Kei is an emotive read about cyberbullying, sexual harassment and suicide

Review: Second Sister by Chan Ho-Kei


“Just as Nga-Yee thought everything was going back to normal, Siu-Man stepped from that window of their twenty-second-story flat.” (Page 28) Nga-Yee and her sister, Siu-Man have not had an easy couple of years. Firstly, their father had an accident at work which killed him outright and then they had…

A Travel Guide to Iloilo in the Philippines


Iloilo, located on Panay Island, is yet another popular destination in the Philippines. This highly urbanized city carries influences of its Spanish roots, and one can see those impacts in the Spanish-style houses and churches throughout the city. The city itself is the very representation of what the Philippines is…

Why everyone should visit the Philippines

The Real Beach Experience – Visit the Philippines


Imagine yourself in a touristy beach – trash littered all over, nothing visible but people’s heads and bodies bobbing in the water, strolling and playing in the sand and rides and boats full of them… well, that’s not how you would want to visualize your beach holiday to be, would…

India: how to decide where to stay in this vibrant country. Whether you are after a hostel or pure luxury there is something for everyone. Via @tbookjunkie

How to Decide Where to Stay in India


How do you want to experience India? Do you seek the classic tourist spots? Or do you long to explore its rural landscapes? However, you plan your trip, where you stay can be just as important as what you do. With the right accommodation, you’ll be able to enjoy your…