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About Travelling Book Junkie

Here at Travelling Book Junkie we love to travel and have, over many years now, incorporated our love of all things quirky and unusual into our travel style.  That doesn’t mean we don’t want to stay in luxury hotels, it simply means that we look for something special everywhere we go.

We Know What We Like

We believe that whether you are travelling close to home or further afield each trip should be memorable.  Something that you will never forget because it held something special, or was distinctive in such a way that it stands out.

So, whether it’s pitching a tent somewhere or spending time in a luxury hotel we don’t have a preference, our aim is to simply find things that are different and unique.  This is often done whilst focusing on our second love – literature, which means that if a location has featured heavily in a book we want to visit; if a hotel has a theme attached to an author or a novel it is on our bucket list.  Nothing is too outlandish to be considered which often makes for an interesting trip. 

Glacier Lagoon, Iceland, Travelling Book Junkie, About Us, Blog

Travelling Book Junkie in Iceland

So Who are We?

Tam, Travelling Book Junkie, About Us, Canary Islands Fuenteventura

Tam on the beach in Fuenteventura

More About Tam

Tam, is the main writer at Travelling Book Junkie and  a definite bibliophile. She is known for traipsing around cities with a guide book in hand searching out local bookshops as she goes.  Never one for turning down a reading opportunity she is also well known for reading several books about each country or location before visiting – whether fictional or otherwise.  She is also known as ‘the researcher’, which really means that she is the one spending hours on the internet looking for the next good deal, conversing with others about the great places to visit, finding out where to stay and trying to find that little gem that is still relatively unknown to others.

Paul, Travelling Book Junkie, About Us, Thailand, Trains

Paul on a train in Thailand

More About Paul

Paul, is the David Bailey of the team – the person that does actually know how to use the camera and therefore creator of the fantastic shots you see on Travelling Book Junkie.  He has been known to disappear off mid-way through a conversation, camera in hand, because he has just glimpsed what could be a great picture, out of the corner of his eye.  At other times, you will see him hanging off the sides of buildings, mountain tops or just about anywhere else hoping to capture a photographic masterpiece.

Paul is definitely the adrenaline junkie out of the pair, often signing up to complete activities that, given the choice, Tam would never agree to.  So if there is ever mention of para-gliding, white-water rafting or anything else that your normal travel insurance policy wouldn’t cover you for it can be guaranteed that Paul has made the decision.

Travelling Book Junkie is a blog about sharing stories and insights from a couple that enjoy spending their time travelling the world.  It is hoped that for those that read this website they too will feel excited about the potential to travel somewhere new, perhaps staying somewhere they would not have previously considered or trying something they never thought they would.

And for those of you who prefer to travel from the comfort of your armchair… Do Not Fret

Travelling Book Junkie also contains a whole section dedicated to books – fiction and non-fiction – offering dedicated reviews (without any spoilers) so that should you wish, you can travel the world without leaving the comfort of your own home, or potentially gain inspiration for your next trip.

Welcome to Travelling Book Junkie, we hope you enjoy reading about our travels.


Paul, Tam, Travelling Book Junkie, About Us, Blog, Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Tam and Paul on a trip to Lanzarote

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