For Men Who Want To Go Hairless, Laser Treatment Is Now Yours

Laser Treatment for the modern man

Have you ever noticed that when High Street shops and private beauty treatment centres advertise ‘beach body ready’ products on the TV it is predominately aimed at a female audience?

I don’t know about other women but I always feel like there is pressure put upon us as soon as we mention that we are travelling somewhere to look a certain way. Social media platforms like Instagram have not helped with this either. I know I am not alone when it comes to looking on enviously at photos of females looking ‘picture-perfect’ on vacation.

However, are we really alone in this? Do men not also feel pressure to look good. Nowadays, it seems that there is more demand for men to appear well-groomed at all times. The male beauty market is exploding with products for the metrosexual male, aimed at those that are prepared to spend on grooming solutions that improve their look. Whether it’s a shampoo that enhances hair growth or beard straighteners and balms aimed at those trying to control unruly facial hair, it seems men are finally admitting they too want to be pampered.

laser hair removal treatment for men

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Would you consider permanent laser hair removal treatments?

As a man do you feel awkward about your body hair? That’s totally fine. Though some men feel gifted with their body hair, many look at it as a burden. This is the case with women as well. But when compared with women, men obviously do have excess body hair growth because of the androgen and testosterone hormones secretion in their bodies. As you know, the body hair growth in men is slightly more abundant towards the coarse and dense side in contrast with women who find only less or scanty hair growth in certain body parts. Men’s arms, legs, back, and chest usually have thick and rude hair growth that can be so hard to remove with the regular methods. Today, it isn’t true that only women are behind several hair removal methods to completely get rid of their body hair, men are also trying to figure out the best hair removal method from so many that are available at hand. So with all the severe hair growth, the hair removal process can become pretty hard and complex.

Many men shave their hairy chest to make it look hair-free and clean similarly their hands and legs. But just imagine spending all your time shaving and noticing hair growth within a few days in the areas shaved? Your skin will also lose its softness and you will be forced to go through a lot of itching, rashes, and scars. Likewise, how do you think you can remove your back hair or the hair in certain sensitive parts like your genital areas? Waxing can keep hair growth away for about a month but the pain that you need to endure during the hair removal procedure is horrifying. Considering all these things if you ever come across the best method to help you, would you say no to one of the best hair removal methods chosen by millions all over the world i.e. by both men and women? Laser hair removal for men can be your perfect hair removal partner as you can do away with your body hair without much pain, trouble, but in precision, quickness, and perfectness.

Yes, this might sound like a dream but laser treatment can indeed remove your body hair at ease even in the sensitive areas. Within a few minutes, you can treat your body hair and see permanent hair loss in the treated parts in four to eight laser sessions. Continuous sessions with intervals can help you find your desired results because this procedure uses specific laser beams to target the hair follicles directly and destroy them, while a single session will let you see only hair reduction. So, depending upon your aesthetic needs you can plan your laser sessions with a reputed laser clinic to enjoy your hair-free look. Therefore, don’t worry about what people say, as a man if you want to go hairless, laser treatment can definitely be yours. With no downtime enjoy your new hair-free and walk in confidence and style. 

Whether you are male or female, hair growth does seem to cause various different reactions. As a female it is currently deemed unacceptable or at the very least, goes against social norms, to have hair growing on nearly any part of the body other than on your head, but the pressure is also increasing for men to remove their hair to get the perfect look.

Would you consider laser hair removal? Perhaps you have had a permanent hair removal procedure and would like to share your experience with us?



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