Swimwear for the Self Conscious Introvert

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Regardless of the time or year, somewhere around the globe the summer sun is calling us.

Sounds idyllic, right?  Completely!

Or it should be until I start to consider exposing my extremely self-conscious self to the scrutiny of scantily-clad, skinny, ultra tanned beauties that seem to spend their time soaking up the sun, becoming a goddess of the beach-bum lifestyle we have all started to crave.

Now, I am not saying that I resemble a beached whale but at the same time, thanks to the likes of instagram, with its unrealistic glossy shots of gorgeous bikini-clad models constantly popping up on my homepage I understand why people stay covered up.

Reality is, for each one of those photos, someone has potentially had to pose for hours to capture the perfect image; the one that they have then gone on to photoshop and enhance to within an inch of its life.

So why do we worry so much?

We all know that magazines and social media accounts are designed to sell products and therefore our subconscious mind knows that the day-to-day images we see of beautiful people lounging around in stunning swimsuits is a myth in 99% of all cases.

Deep down, I know that when I hit a beach, as long as I feel comfortable in my own skin no-one else really cares.

So how do you make someone who is constantly self conscious appear confident on the beach?

By making sure they feel completely comfortable with their swimsuits and accessories of course.

The Best Swimwear for the Self Conscious

I decided long ago that the art to surviving a day on the beach was to try and fit in, not stand out.  So for all those that think covering up so no inch of skin can be seen, let me tell you… you are the needle in a haystack that can unfortunately be seen miles away.

#1 Don’t Shy Away From Colour

Think bright colours, similar to this dark peach swimsuit which will highlight your tan rather than the bits you are concerned about.

Swimsuit, swimwear, bikini, beachwear

Image provided by Debenhams

#2 Patterns Are Not Your Enemy

Think about choosing a swimsuit with a pattern on, or a one-piece that will cover up the bits you are most worried about whilst still offering a modern, stylish alternative to the once bland, all-in-one.

Swimwear, swimsuits, bikini, beachwear, swimsuit

Image provided by Boohoo

#3 Just Because It Has A Control Panel Doesn’t Mean It’s Ugly

Lastly, consider a swimsuit that has a control panel hidden inside that is going to suck everything in and make it look like you have curves in all the right places.  These are no longer as ghastly as they sound, some are even quite fashionable.

swimwear, swimsuits, swimsuit, beachwear

Image provided by Simply Beach

What Accessories Should the Self-Conscious Consider?

Accessories, fashion, swimwear, swimsuits, bikini, beachwear

We have all been there haven’t we?  Every single one of us has made a fashion faux-par when it comes to accessories. 

Perhaps you really want to pull off the floppy hat look only to realise that each and every time you plop it on top of your head it looks like the world’s largest droopy pancake.  OR perhaps you were that person who decided the age of the clunky, golden, gem-encrusted clown necklaces was one you wanted to embrace only to realise how much of a mistake having an over-sized, garish charm hanging from your neck was.

However, some accessories on the beach are a must.

#1 The Kaftan

Kaftan, beachwear, swimwear, swimsuit, bikinis

MELISSA ODABASH GIGI KAFTAN provided by Simply Beach

For some, wearing block dark coloured swimwear is reassuring, so why not brighten up your beach outfit with a dazzling kaftan.

Whether long or short, the key is to buy one that is both cooling and chic.  I understand that some people would never be seen dead in a flowery, Austin Powers eat-you-heart-out number but that doesn’t mean a bit of colour should be out of the question.

Kaftan, beachwear, swimwear, swimsuit, bikini


#2 Sunglasses

No outfit is complete without the perfect pair of specs.  With so many different styles to choose from now, it seems it doesn’t matter what shape or size you go for as long as you are confident wearing them.

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#3 Flip Flops

For me, flip flops are the ultimate accessory.  Whether you want brightly coloured or patterned, ones with gems on or images of animals, there is guaranteed to be a pair of flip flops out there for everyone.  Personally, I love the Gandy’s flip flop range simply because not only are the flip flops of high quality, each purchase I make leads to a donation going to their Orphans for Orphans foundation.

Gandy's flip flops, beachwear, swimwear, swimsuits, bikinis

Flip Flops by Gandy’s

Ultimately, as an self-conscious introvert the biggest battle doesn’t come with what you are wearing but how you wear it.  

Sounds silly, but it’s true.  If you do not feel confident in your own skin, no matter what your swimwear looks like, you will never be self-assured on the beach.

What do you do to feel confident on the beach?  How would you improve you own self-esteem? What swimwear would you add to this list?

Swimwear, beach wear, swimsuits, bikinis


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