Best Hangout places in Singapore for Bookworms

The places where all bookworms should be hanging out are highlighted here for easy reading via @tbookjunkie

All you book lovers and bookworms, this one is for you! While most of us can just not associate the city of Singapore with literature, the fact is there are umpteen places to visit and surprising amount of books to read, when in Singapore. Yes, if you are looking for some cozy place to indulge in reading without distraction, the good news is Singapore offers several such spots.

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There are neighborhood cafes, pay-and-read hangout spots, artsy libraries, and lots more. But you might not know about all these cool hangouts as not all of them are possibly listed on the internet. Well, the easy way out is to take help from a reputed travel marketplace such as Withlocals. They have a group of locals in different countries who can help you with some of the best-known book cafes, historical museums and other hangouts for reading your heart’s content. After all, who would know the city better than the locals!  You can also embark on exciting food/city tours with them.

Where Should Bookworms Head in Singapore?

#1 Looksee Looksee

Looksee Looksee is one of the many cafes all book lovers and tea fans should visit when in the city.

Looksee Looksee, a pastel themed café, is one of the best places to be in Singapore. Located on the beach road, this café is a joint venture by a local tea company and The Lo & Behold Group, ensuring you get the best tea in town while you browse through some interesting books.

#2 The Moon

The Moon is Singapore is a fantastic place for coffee fans and book lovers to visit when in the city

Another cool place to lose yourself in the world of books, The Moon is a multi-concept space located in Chinatown of Singapore. If you are looking for a comfy place with plenty of light and great coffee, The Moon should be certain your pick. Plenty of leather-bound classics and limited edition books – what else can a bookworm ask for! So, if you have found what you are looking for, you can take your book straight to the in-house café to enjoy your read with cake and tea.

#3 Wheeler’s Estate

What better place to spend the afternoon then read in the fabulous gardens at Wheelers Estate in Singapore

If you are looking for something unique, Wheeler’s Estate is surely going to impress you with its off the grid concept. What can be better than reading while basking in the sun, soaking yourself in some fauna and flora! Well, all of this makes Wheeler’s Estate one of the best reading spaces for that lazy weekend. It does not just have plenty of outdoor sitting space but the estate is also aesthetically stunning. So, pair your favorite book with coffee and delicious food, and of course the sun.

#4 Lowercase

Lowercase in Singapore is both a socially cafe and a place to read and study.

Yes, the place is as interesting as its name. Lowercase can be defined as a cozy space with large windows – perfect for light munching and great reading. The space comprises of several power plugs and seats, ensuring it can accommodate book lovers and laptop gluers. There is also free wifi, so feel free to browse or chat with your bestie while you grab that interesting book.  

#5 Kinokuniya Orchard Road

Kinokuniya books Singapore is the biggest bookshop in Singapore and therefore a must for bookworms visiting the city

This one certainly requires a bit of your time. Kinokuniya Orchard Road, the largest bookshop in Singapore, has an enormous range of books belonging to every genre. While one side is dedicated to the local authors, the other half consists of an extensive collection of books in different languages.

#6 Library at Orchard

Library at Orchard in Singapore is one place all book lovers and bookworms should visit when in the city.

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This stunning library located on the busy Orchard Road of Singapore keeps well with the vibes of the city. There are no wooden shelves, the library is made all-white with the latest technology used in the walls. The bookshelves are designed in a way that they make waves along the floor – a truly next-gen library that sticks to the classics. Isn’t it a perfect fusion of antique and the hi-tech!

Have you visited Singapore? What other bookish locations would you recommend? 

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