How to Decide Where to Stay in India

India: how to decide where to stay in this vibrant country. Whether you are after a hostel or pure luxury there is something for everyone. Via @tbookjunkie

How do you want to experience India? Do you seek the classic tourist spots? Or do you long to explore its rural landscapes?

However, you plan your trip, where you stay can be just as important as what you do. With the right accommodation, you’ll be able to enjoy your vacation thoroughly.

Find a place that caters to your needs, and you can achieve your dream holiday. To help with this, our guide matches the main types of traveller to their ideal lodgings.

Types of Accommodation in India

With so many different types of accommodation available in India, backpacking options are always available and cheap options.

#1 Backpackers and Young Travellers: Hostel

With its tigers, ancient ruins, and bustling cities, backpackers typically travel through Northern India to feel this mesmerising country completely.

Expert tours provided by the likes of Jules Verne also make it a hotspot for backpackers and groups. As a result, this area hosts hostels for various tastes.

If you are a solo explorer, hostels can help you to make friends during your trip. Should you need alone time, most will provide private accommodation at a slightly higher price.

Alternatively, shared dorms are great for large teams. Which hostel you select is up to you, but we underline that they could be perfect for young adventurers.

Luxury accommodation in India comes in various forms. From well-known hotels to restored hideaways. Accommodation is as varied as you can ever imagine.

Restored accommodation in India doesn’t always look so luxurious from the outside, but inside…

#2 Wedding Anniversary: Luxury Hotel

Do you plan to spend a special anniversary in India? If so, lucky you! A happy marriage should be celebrated – and where better for this than at a luxury hotel?

With this kind of accommodation, you can sample all of India’s delights and relax in style, whenever you want. Many hotels are situated near wild countryside and areas of natural beauty. Depending on where you stay, therefore, you can very easily travel to intriguing visitor sites.

Even better, several are restored royal retreats, some of which date back as early as the 16th century. If you love history, you may very well find a place that fascinates and accommodates you. 

Houseboats in India are a fantastic choice for quirky, different accommodation in India and well worth splurging a bit on.

#3 Soul-Searchers: Houseboat

If soul-searching is what you seek, look no further than rural India. Whilst its northern cities are currently undergoing rapid change, its southern areas largely present a more laid-back pace of life.

Kerala, in particular, is one of its most peaceful regions. Here, backwaters expand into great lakes, on which wicker houseboats have sat for generations.

To experience traditional Indian life, why not stay in one of these lodgings? Designed like rice barges, they are comfortable, compact and can often be luxurious. And they could help to make your holiday even more authentic.

Once you know what you need in accommodation, you needn’t worry about it. With these tips, you may be able to pinpoint the perfect place for you to stay in India. And so, you could make the most of your holiday.

Have you visited India? Where did you stay? Would you recommend it to others?

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India: how to decide where to stay in this vibrant country. Whether you are after a hostel or pure luxury there is something for everyone. Via @tbookjunkie

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