Which Travel Insurance Covers Repatriation?

Which travel insurance covers Repatriation costs?

The simple answer is that all travel insurance covers repatriation, which is standard coverage. Most of the time, the coverage is under the medical expenses category of the travel insurance policy. It is expensive, which can cover, at least, £1 million. But the most important thing you need to know is the other details you have to consider in choosing the best insurance policy.

Travel Insurance Repatriation

Before we move forward, what does travel insurance repatriation mean?

Travel insurance repatriation refers to the coverage of costs used to take someone back to the UK or within the EU from any country after sustaining injuries or suffering from an illness while abroad.

Its Coverage

You can take advantage of this insurance if you miss a flight because of your sickness, or you have to return on a different schedule due to an injury. There is also insurance coverage if you get into a serious accident, and you have to be flown back to the UK via an air ambulance.

Some insurance providers have policies that are available to passport holders from Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa residing in the EU and UK. Moreover, the coverage includes round trip tickets from the UK, as well as one-way travel with a maximum length of 15 months. The duration can also be extended for a few months to cover repatriation to South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand where the necessary medical care is available.

Other inclusions of travel insurance repatriation are one-way trips for more than 31 days. There is no need to have minimum years of residency, but it is advisable to register with a general practitioner in the EU or UK, which may be required by the local healthcare programs. If you die, this type of insurance policy covers the funeral costs and the expenses spent on returning your remains (ashes if applicable) to your country of residence.

Cost of travel and Repatriation and which travel insurance covers this.

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Sample Costs

Unless your insurance policy is enough, the cost can be more expensive if you need to go back home. To give you an idea of how much the expenses are, here are a few sample costs:

£12-£18,000 if you are transported by an air ambulance from the Greek Islands

£35-£50,000 if you are transported by an air ambulance from the USA

£15-£30,000 for a scheduled flight with a stretcher and a doctor escort from New Zealand

£300 if you suffer from nose bleed in Greece

£1,200 if you accidentally break your arm in Italy

£27,000 for the cost the medication and insurance repatriation such as dengue fever in Southeast Asia

travel cover that includes medical insurance

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If you avail of a comprehensive, well-detailed travel insurance policy, you will have access to a 24/7 medical emergency service. You can call the hotline and ask them to arrange the necessary medical assistance if you are injured or seriously sick. Even if you are in another country, the medical assistance provider will make the arrangements for the treatment and direct payments. And if you are with someone, the travel details and accommodation are also prepared by your insurance provider’s 24/7 assistance provider. You have to do as much as you can to avoid paying medical expenses except for minor illnesses.

Have you had to use your travel insurance for repatriation? Please share with us your experiences?

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