Travelling To The Outer Banks With Your Dog? 5 Things To Remember

The Outer Banks Lighthouse and walkways to enjoy.

Travelling to the Outer Banks with your dog in tow can be fun. Enjoying the beautiful sights with your four-legged friend is an experience you should not miss. You must plan and prepare for a comfortable and fun trip. 

Here are five things to remember while travelling to the Outer Banks with your four-legged friend.

Things to consider when booking a trip to the Outer Banks

Book A Vacation Rental

Looking for pet-friendly accommodation is challenging, especially when looking for hotels. Almost all hotels have a strict no-pets policy. Even if you find a hotel that allows pets, there will be several rules and regulations for you to follow. That is why you should book OBX rentals instead of hotels or other accommodation types.

The Outer Banks vacation rentals are great options, as most rentals allow pets. Also, you don’t need to worry about always keeping your dog on a leash. The vacation rental will be your private space to relax and play with your pet.

Visit Dog-Friendly Beaches

We are confident that you are visiting the Outer Banks for its beautiful beaches, and with your four-legged friend accompanying you, it will be an enjoyable experience. Many amazing beaches on the OBX are dog-friendly. However, there are specific rules that one has to follow. 

The beaches of the Outer Banks are a great place to visit with your pets

Image provided by Daniel Grogan

From keeping your dog on a leash to cleaning after it, rules differ with every beach; beaches in Duck allow pet owners to unleash their dogs if they always keep watchful eyes. On Southern Shores beaches, dogs are allowed but need to be on a leash at all times, and the leash cannot be longer than 10 feet.

Pack Your Dog’s Food Beforehand

There are plenty of pet stores on the Outer Banks, but you would not want to spend your vacation looking for your dog’s favorite food. It is better to pack it before leaving for your vacation. This way, you can ensure your dog is well-fed with the food it likes. In addition, consider packing some treats to keep your furry friend on its best behavior. You can comfort your pet with treats to keep them excited and comfortable throughout the journey.

Travel With A Pet Carrier 

Always have a pet carrier or dog crate for easy transportation and comfortable travel for your dog. It will also make it easier for you to travel with your pet. The journey could be long, so you must ensure the pet carrier has enough space for your dog to stand and sit comfortably.

In addition, make sure to invest in a good quality crate that makes the journey easier and more comfortable for your dog and allows easy handling of the crate. A pet carrier ensures not just your pet’s safety but also the people around it.

Pack Toys & Essentials

You must pack more than just dog food to keep your dog comfortable throughout the vacation. You should also consider packing your dog’s favorite toy and essentials like collar, leash, harness, and pet ID tags. In addition, consider packing grooming products, cleaning supplies, blankets, and proof of vaccinations. If your dog is on any sort of medication, ensure to pack enough for the entire trip. 


Travelling with a companion is fun, especially if the companion is your four-legged best friend. From choosing suitable accommodation to pre-packing dog food, these steps are necessary while traveling with your dog. The above factors and tips will ensure the trip is enjoyable, so remember them while on your next trip to the Outer Banks.

Have you travelled to the Outer Banks with your four-legged friend? Do you have any recommendations for others?

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Travelling to the Outer Banks with your pet. Some top tips via @tbookjunkie

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