The Picture Keeper Connect: A Smarter Way to Transfer Your Images

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You never know when you might capture the perfect photo

I remember a time when people use to think about the photo they were about to snap.  A time when people did think about perspective, light, and shadow, whether or not they had actually cut the top of someone’s head off whilst trying to make sure they had their feet in the shot and simultaneously trying to capture the famous landmark behind them.  For any budding photographer back then, when film cameras were the only option, it was a seriously stressful time.

Fast-forward a few years though and thanks to the advancements in modern technology we no longer have to wait three weeks to see what our pictures look like; we only need to look into the screen of our phone or digital camera and we have all the answers.

Don’t get me wrong, I prefer knowing that my images are blurred and out of focus but it takes away that element of anticipation that we all had as kids waiting for that pack of photographs to fall through the letterbox after we had sent the film away for developing.

It also means that we are now far more liberal with our snapping.  Whereas at one time, we would have thought about whether to take the photo, now we take 10.  With a film camera, the choice was limited to 24 or 36 images, today it is unlimited.

Hands up… how many of you now take 20 photos where in actual fact probably one would be sufficient?  I know we do!

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GoPro at the ready just in case the perfect photo opportunity arises

Armed with the knowledge that my Huawei P8 has a 13-megapixel camera, whilst Paul’s has an impressive 16-megapixel camera built-in, even when we are just wandering around with a phone we can take some impressive photos.  Add to that the collection of cameras, our I-Pad, and tablet, on any given day we can take upwards of 200 photos without even thinking.  Of course, there is nothing wrong with this, and we love the fact that we have captured so much, but I think we are all guilty of forgetting that all of these modern digital devices do come with a limited amount of storage.

So what is the answer?  Should we stop taking so many photos? 

With all this modern technology at our fingers tips, I think if I told Paul to stop taking so many photos we would fall out.  After all, he can just add another memory card or utilise one of the many other accessories we have purchased over the years in order to transfer his work onto the computer before saving them onto one of his many hard-drives; but is that necessarily the easiest option currently available to us? Perhaps not

Which Tech is the Best?

We were recently asked to review the Picture Keeper Connect, a small device designed to backup and save all your photos and videos whilst on the move.  No longer do you need to think about finding an internet connection in order to back up to a cloud storage option, which in my opinion, when travelling for days on end in places with limited connectivity is simply just too much effort.  With the Picture Keeper Connect you simply plug the thumb drive into your charging port and with a press of a button you can backup all your media files which in turn can then be transferred across to your laptop for future use.  It really could not be simpler – and this is coming from the woman who is still trying to come to terms with some of today’s technology.

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Probably the most confusing part for me, although had I read the instructions would have appeared to be quite straight forward, was the fact that I needed to download an app – which of course, makes perfect sense in today’s world but for a technophobe still trying to grasp these things, it was something I didn’t even think about.

However, once I had downloaded the Picture Keeper Connect App it was a simple case of plugging the Picture Keeper Connect into my phone for the backup to take place.  It was as easy as that.  Nothing technical; it was a straightforward, effortless way to copy our photos from one device onto another.

The other great thing about this particular piece of tech is that it remembers what it has already copied over which means that you will never get duplicated images taking up valuable hard-drive space.  This is definitely one smart thumb drive.

So is There a Downside?

Of course, no technology is completely infallible but this one comes pretty close.  The only issue we found is that it is not yet compatible with certain makes of phone or tablet.  Therefore, before jumping in feet first make sure you check out their website for a full list of devices that support the Picture Keeper Connect software especially as the starting price is $119.99 for 16GB.

Our Final Thoughts on the Picture Keeper Connect

What I really liked was the fact that if we use up all of our memory on our phone we can easily plug the thumb drive in and move our images across meaning that we can continue to take photos of our trip without needing to either find an internet cafe or have to stop to open up the laptop and connect our phone to said laptop in order to transfer the files – what a cumbersome way to travel in today’s technically advanced world.

For some, it may appear to be on the pricey side, but when considering the weight of our bags whilst travelling, the easy of only have to carry a thumb drive around with us far outweighs the cost of the Picture Keeper Connect.  For us, this is the perfect travel companion. kindly provided us with our Picture Keeper for the purposes of this review, and are providing a further one as the prize for this giveaway. As always, all words and opinions remain our own. 


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