How to Keep Up with Your Favourite Movies and Shows While You Travel

How to watch you favourite shows while travelling

The world is hooked on binge-watching TV series and spending days watching movies on various streaming platforms. This means that when people need to travel away for business or leisure, they feel as though they’re missing out. However, there’s no need to despair – thanks to smartphones getting smarter and apps getting more intelligent, you can keep up with your favourite shows from anywhere in the world. We’re here to tell you how – so strap in.

How to Watch Movies and TV Shows While Travelling

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#1 Download Through Streaming Services

Streaming giants, like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime allow you to download movies or TV shows for offline viewing. This means that before you embark on your journey, you can create your offline playlist of videos. The concept works in the same way as Spotify’s offline playlist functionality but will take up more space. No matter what your tastes are, there’s a streaming service to cater to. For example, Crunchyroll allows you to catch up on all your favourite anime films through their download service.

You can still watch films on DVDs although they are sometimes cumbersome

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#2 Go Old School – DVDs

Cast your memory back about 10 years and you’ll remember that we used to use DVDs. Well, if you want to save yourself some money without subscribing to a world of streaming services, invest in a cheap portable DVD player and take it along with you. The drawback to using a portable DVD player is that you have to carry it around with you and they’re fairly bulky, and that’s before you’ve packed the DVDs. However, you do have the freedom to pick up new films while you’re away and view them at your leisure.

iTunes by Apple is one of the many ways in which you can watch films via download

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#3 Purchase Through iTunes

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on one of the many streaming services, see if the Apple store has it. Through iTunes, you will be able to access your library from anywhere in the world via compatible devices.

#4 Use Cable

If you have a cable subscription, they may offer a similar service to some streaming services. For example, AT&T U-vers allows you to watch anything on their app – but you can’t download them for offline viewing. Alternatively, you can consider subscribing to a service like HBO GO, which is designed for you to keep up with your favourite shows on the move.

VPN is always a good way to protect your computer when downloading movies and TV shows

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#5 Use a VPN

If you’re travelling out of your region and want to keep up with your favourite movies, you should consider installing a VPN. With a VPN activated, your movements online will be secure and you can break any country-specific blocks. All you do is set your VPN to the country of your choice and run it in the background. Then, open your streaming service app and you will have access to that country’s version of the service.

Keeping up with movies and TV is important in this day and age, especially with social media out to spoil every movie. However, using some simple tech, you can keep your binge going from anywhere in the world.

How do you keep up with your favourite shows and movies while you travel? Do you have any top tips that you would like to share with others?

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How to keep up with movies and films while you travel


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