An Interview with John Haremza, author of ‘Right, or Almost Right’

Who is John Haremza?

We have all read so-called motivational books that end up confusing us more than helping us.  The ones that contain more jargon that we care to know, the ones that end up demotivating us.

John Maremza, however, has written a book that is easy to read and actually makes you think.  ‘Right, or Almost Right’ may contain new revelations for you or, perhaps all the ideas contained within the pages of his book are things that you have heard before.  Either way, this book will make you reflect on what you are currently doing and how you are going to move forward.

So, let’s find out a bit more about the man behind the words.

John Haremza, Network Marketing, Motivation, Author, Writer

John Haremza

Q.Your latest book is about network marketing, of which there are many out there, so why should people read your particular one?

“Right or Almost Right” can help every distributor. It is designed for the everyday distributor of which many are feeling frustrated with their lack of progress. They are sincere, dedicated individuals who believe in their company and in their product but they are not seeing the success they hear so much about.

They are seemingly doing everything right but are they doing it Right or Almost Right? My belief is that they are doing it almost right and that creates their frustration in their lack of results.

This book is all about making those small, subtle adjustments. It’s all about helping them make those adjustments so that they see a difference in their results.

Q. What is network marketing?

That is a great question that so many ask. Network marketing is nothing more than another form of distribution. Many people are confused with the income potential but the truth is that money is paid to the distributors themselves, the actual users and promoters of the products, and not paid for advertising, celebrities and distribution.

Network marketing is simply another way to take a product from the producer to the end user. It is another channel. In my opinion it is the best possible channel. Instead of paying up to 50% of the products ultimate sales price for distribution and advertising those funds are paid to distributors who believe in the products, use the products themselves and have often seen tangible results.

Q. When writing, did you have a particular audience in mind?

I wrote the book in response to the many questions I get when I meet network marketers. So many of them are hardworking, talented individuals who are not seeing the results they expected. They believe that they are doing everything that needs to be done but so often they are doing everything “almost right”.

Q. Why is network marketing important?

Network marketing is important because it gives that everyday individual who is struggling to make ends meet another opportunity and they don’t have to give up the security of their full time job.

Traditional methods such as opening their own business may be beyond their reach. Network marketing gives them a low barrier entry and a way to make that extra money and maybe, just maybe to have a life changing experience. I know that network marketing changed my life beyond my wildest imagination and I was a blue collar, 10-12 hours a day maintenance manager, with severe dyslexia, in a potato chip company in rural Minnesota.

On page 54 of my book I talk about network marketing as the “Opportunity of a Lifetime” and I believe that to be 100% true.

Q. When thinking about network marketing, which companies or people in particular, do you believe have been successful?

There are a lot of great companiesand many not so great. On pages 47 and 48 I talk about the 5 critical elements that must be there for any company to be successful. The key is to look for those 5 elements and make a careful, rational decision. So many distributors make a quick emotional decision that does not work out as expected.

Are industry offers an incredible variety of opportunities to everyone, young or old, blue collar or white collar, minimal education or a college degree, professional or ordinary.

Q. After reading your book, where else should readers go to get further information on the topic?

I have over 40 short videos at talking about network marketing.

Your readers can see more of my story at

7) Do you have any further reading recommendations for my readers?

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Have you read any motivational books that you would like to recommend to others?

We would like to thank John Haremza for taking the time to answer our questions.

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