Right or Almost Right: The Fine Line Between Phenomenal Success and Average Results in Network Marketing by John Haremza

“The question is, ‘Are you doing it right or almost right?’” (Pg. 10)

Network Marketing has turned John Haremza into a very successful business man, a man that has made a fortune by going into business for himself but how has he done it?

Right or Almost Right, John Haremza, Network Marketing, Motivation

What is Network Marketing?

Network Marketing is a type of business that is very popular with people looking for part-time, flexible opportunities. Companies like Avon and Tupperware are great examples of this. They advertise that you become your own boss, selling products and earning commission.

Now, whilst this may be a great way for some to supplement their income, it is not for everyone. Business today has changed considerably and more than ever before people are looking at how they can make money online, using their entrepreneurial skills to try and get ahead in the business world.

So, is network marketing dead?

I don’t believe so. If you are part of a successful network of people that work together, have support and training to help develop staff members in order for them to reach their full potential then, and only then, will multi-level marketing networks work.

If, therefore, I don’t want to go into network marketing, should I bother to read this book?

I am not going to lie, when I first picked up this title, I didn’t think I would gain much from it. I thought that it would be yet another one of those books trying to sell an idea to people; getting them to put their hands in their pockets to purchase something at the end that they would never use or really want.

But, I was wrong. Even if network marketing is not for you, this book is still worthy of your time.

Why you should read ‘Right or Almost Right’

This book has been written to answer three questions:

1) What am I doing right or almost right?
2) How should I approach a prospect?
3) How can I build a business?

It is a book that looks at why people struggle when they seem to be doing everything right, and regardless of what you do for a living everyone, from time to time, feels this way.

For John Haremza network marketing has changed his life. He was once a maintenance man, living in a caravan who struggled financially.

Thanks to network marketing he is now a millionaire helping many others to realise their own dreams of wealth and fortune.

Regardless of career choice however, the principles written about here are transposable for all.

“[It is] far less damaging to a relationship to try something and risk failure, than it would be to live with the resentment of never having tried at all.” (Pg. 24)

What do we need to do to be successful?

Enthusiasm is not enough, although it obviously helps. You need to believe that you can succeed and take a chance on yourself, don’t listen to the negativity of others. Ultimately, if you do not succeed what is the worst that will happen? Return to your old job perhaps?

“There are a couple of negative people in this world and they move around a lot” (Pg. 31)

We also need to be mindful of timing. There is a reason that people fail and often it is down to the fact that they were either too late or too early to the party. Would Bill Gates have been so successful if he had waited a year or two before launching Mircosoft? Steve Jobs had to try twice in order to succeed – was he too early the first time around?

People also make the mistake of believing that they can do it on their own when in actual fact ask any successful person and they will tell you, they have a mentor. Someone that can push them, make them believe in themselves but also to help them when things get tough.

Later, Haremza, goes on to explain that even if you do going into network marketing in the traditional sense, it is still part of pretty much any success business running today.

Word of mouth, a form of network marketing, can make or break business. Think about it. How many times do you recommend a place to your friends, or tell them where to avoid. This is network marketing. You need people to recommend you to others regardless of your business – whether it is a face to face concept or an online idea – you only get more customers if they know about you in a positive way.

Take TripAdvisor, how many businesses have either flourished or demised because of the reviews written? Once again, this is a form of network marketing and personal recommendation.

Ultimately though, it is the person that makes or breaks a business. Some people have more desire to succeed and whilst they make mistakes, rather than giving up they decide to overcome whatever hurdle has been thrown at them.

“The difference between a rich man and a poor man is how they spend their time” (Pg.62)

When you get knocked down, do you stay there or do you get up again?

Do you set goals that will help you achieve, or do you set goals that are unattainable?

Haremza puts his success down to the fact that he reviews his goals both morning and night. He believes that daily cultivation of your vision stimulates emotion, which in turns triggers creativity. If you picture what success looks like it will build your passion for it to help you succeed.

“You are what you think about. If you can control your thoughts you can control you destiny” (Pg. 76)

“You would not have had the thought if you were not capable of its accomplishment” (pg. 78)

My Thoughts on this Book

Several elements of this book resonated with me and I have no intention of going into a Network Marketing role, at least not in the near future.

I do however; rely on others for my success. As a writer my aim is always to appeal to others and therefore word of mouth is vital. Not only do I need to believe in myself, others also need to.

“What lies behind you and what lies ahead of you is of very little importance when compared with what lies within you” (Pg. 132)

This is a book that has made me rethink my mindset and the way I do certain things. For example, Haremza says that you should not take ‘no’ as ‘no’, but take it as a ‘not now’. Situations change and therefore whilst they may not see the benefit of working with me right now, that doesn’t mean that they will never want to work with me.

Of course, I have heard this before but seeing it on paper was more effective for me.

I also feel that I lack knowledge in my chosen field, yes I can write, but if anyone has spent any time on the wordpress platform you will understand when I say that programming is not a strength on mine, if fact, it is not a skill I claim to have at all, but I still manage to have a fully functional website. How? I have a strong network of people that I can call upon to help me and whilst this often makes me feel inferior Haremza states that having knowledge doesn’t necessarily mean that you complete the right activities. If you have all the knowledge you are in danger of spending too much time on the wrong things which ultimately will lead to my business failing.

Are there any new, ground breaking revelations in this book? No, but it reaffirms that on occasion, the tried and tested methods work and therefore why should we deviate from them.

If you are after motivation; if you require a mental boost to either get your business back on track or to gain the strength to take that step into the unknown then t his is a book to read.

It is not complicated and it doesn’t contain confusing jargon, it is a book of simple, helpful guidance that people can relate to. Neither is it time consuming, it took my just 3 hours to read it from cover to cover, unlike many other self-help books I have read in the past.

If you are feeling lost or simply need a push in the right direction, whatever it is you do, pick up this book.

John Haremza, Network Marketing, Motivation, Author, Writer

John Haremza

Travelling Book Junkie Rating: ***

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