Head to Atlantic City and Follow in the Footsteps of Hollywood Royalty

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Atlantic City – Image captured by Marco Verch

With more and more films gracing the big screen each year, it isn’t surprising that film directors are seeking out new and exciting locations to provide stunning backdrops for their last endeavours. However, when it comes to blockbusters, sometimes classic locations provide the best settings of all. If you want to bump into the next big movie star or stumble upon a movie set, where should you go?

Thanks to its range of filming locations and numerous casinos and beaches, planning a trip to Atlantic City has never been easier or more fun. Whether you’re a fan of mobster movies or you prefer a comedy, heading to Atlantic City means that you could follow in the footsteps of mob boss Michael Corleone or casino robber Danny Ocean. Take a look at the top movies filmed in Atlantic City.

#1 “The Godfather: Part III” (1990)

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Al Pacino – Image captured by GabboT

If you’re an Al Pacino fan, chances are that you’ve seen all of “The Godfather” trilogy. However, heading to Atlantic City means that you can retrace the footsteps of an aging Michael Corleone as he struggled to justify the part he plays in the mafia underworld.

The Godfather, Al Pacino, America, USA, Hollywood, Stars, Atlantic City, Travelling Book Junkei

Image provided by Charly W. Karl

#2 “Ocean’s Eleven” (2001) and “Ocean’s Twelve” (2004)

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George Clooney – Image captured by Ed Van-West Garcia

If you haven’t seen these films, where have you been? In these movies, the Oceans team has one desire: to make lots of money, but not in a legitimate way. The team’s main aim is to see one casino owner fail miserably, but life is never that simple.

Who wouldn’t want to follow in the footsteps of George Clooney? He is, after all, one of those actors who simply gets better with age. With a cast that also features Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Julia Roberts, and Catherine Zeta-Jones, these films are packed with memorable A-listers.

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Brad Pitt – Image captured by Eva Rinaldi

Julia Roberts, Atlantic City, America, USA, Hollywood, films ,stars, Travelling Book Junkie

Julia Roberts – Image captured by David Shankbone

Catherine Zeta Jones, Atlantic City, America, USA, Hollywood, films, stars, Travelling Book Junkie

Catherine Zeta Jones – Image captured by David Shankbone

In addition, these films feature Andy Garcia as the loathed Terry Benedict. Film buffs will recognize Garcia as the actor who also played Vincent Corleone in “The Godfather” films.

#3 “Atlantic City” (1980)

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Burt Lancaster – Image captured by Kate Gabrielle

With the great Burt Lancaster starring alongside Susan Sarandon, “Atlantic City” was always destined to be a blockbuster. Susan Sarandon heads to Atlantic City in hopes of leaving Canada and her criminal husband behind for a new life in a new city. Unfortunately, she meets aging, small-time mobster Burt Lancaster, who eventually succeeds in getting Susan by his side.

#4 “The Bounty Hunter” (2010)

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Gerard Butler – Image captured by GabboT

Perhaps the stars of “The Bounty Hunter” aren’t Hollywood royalty, but with Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston, this is a film destined to appeal to both sexes. As a bounty hunter, Gerard Butler receives a job, that appears easy on paper. Unfortunately, he has the task of searching for his ex-wife. “The Bounty Hunter” is a great film that isn’t taxing on the brain and will have you laughing out loud in places.

#5 “The Color of Money” (1986)

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Paul Newman – Image captured by Kate Gabrielle

A truly great film starring the wonderful Paul Newman alongside a young Tom Cruise, this is one of the most iconic hustler films of all time. It’s directed by the great Martin Scorsese and adapted from a novel of the same name written by Walter Tevis. The fact that Paul Newman won an Academy Award for his role in this film means that everyone should watch it at least once to see a fantastic actor in action.

As you can see, Atlantic City is truly a place for stars. If you enjoy following in the footsteps of Hollywood royalty, visiting is a must.

Have you visited Atlantic City? Do you have any top tips to share with our readers? Perhaps you were fortunate enough to bump into a star during your trip and would like to brag a little.

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