Cirq Lapopie: A Quaint Village in France Steeped in History

Cirq Lapopie in the Lot Region of France

Cirq Lapopie in the Lot Region of France

Beautiful side streets housing vintage shops and historical landmarks with views that will leave you breathless – literally with the hills that you need to climb – this is the village of Saint-Cirq-Lapopie in the Lot Region of France.

Perched on a steep cliff 100m above the Lot River a day here will seem like a trip back in time to a place where the main form of transport was a donkey and villagers felt a true sense of community.

Quiet Streets of Cirq Lapopie

Cirq Lapopie France


Peaceful street side restaurants Cirq Lapopie, France

Peaceful street side restaurants

Rooftop terraces dining options in Cirq Lapopie

Rooftop terraces dining options in Cirq Lapopie

This medieval village was once home to several feudal dynasties throughout the Middle Ages, including the Lapopies, the Gourdons and the Cardaillacs and you only need to look out across the valley to see why families wanted to settle here.

Old houses whose facades of stone or wood were built between the thirteenth and sixteenth centuries still stand today alongside the many craft shops, helping to preserve the trades that use to be prevalent in this area.  There is now an abundance of pottery shops and art studios for the arty among us; the boutique clothes shops further cement the characteristics of this delightful village.

Rooftops of Cirq Lapopie

Views of the rooftops


Cirq Lapopie

Several Painters including the Post-Impressionist Henri Martin loved this area so much that Saint-Cirq-Lapopie became home; this trend later spread to writers like the poet André Breton.

After exploring the village on foot, you must take time to see it from the river.  You can either hire a boat and float along in your own time or take the opportunity to relax on one of the many tours.  If you would prefer you can explore the Lot River at a more leisurely pace, renting a larger boat for days at a time.  From this angle you will see the old trading routes that would have utilised the river, horses pulling their cargo, from village to village.

Boat trips along the River Lot in the south of France

Boat trips along the River Lot

If you only have a limited time in the Dordogne make sure this is on the list – I promise you won’t regret it!

Cirq Lapopie, France

Have you visited Cirq Lapopie?  What other quaint towns or villages have you been to?


  • Stefania says:

    Super nice. I am a bit ashamed, but I have never been to France. I plan on going in November though. I know the climate won’t be the best, but I can’t wait, now that I have so time off. I definitely want to see Paris AND something else in the countryside.

    • Whilst it will be cooler this can be an advantage especially travelling around Paris. Further down South and the weather will be milder so if you are going to mix a trip to two areas I would suggest starting in Paris and then moving down South…plus this will also give you the opportunity to relax after the buzz of the city. I loved Paris when I visited earlier this year – I have added some other posts about must sees whilst in Paris – hope these help you as well. Definitely spend time around Notre Dame this will give you a true sense of Parisian life; the Eiffel Tower is a must see but the area is far too touristy and the bars and restaurants are expensive. Hope you have a fantastic time.

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