Review: Positively Wealthy by Emma Mumford

Positively Wealthy by Emma Mumford is a guide to manifesting the life we deserve. A life of wealth and abundance.

This isn’t just another book about getting rich quick, but how to make your entire life rich and fulfilling. This is a book that highlights the need to move away from get-rich-quick schemes and pyramid programmes. Neither does Emma advise you to go out and spend a fortune on life coaches that have supposedly succeeded at everything and can help you achieve your goals as well, as long as you are willing to hand over your life savings in order to find out the magic formula. 

“Don’t look outside of yourself and find comparison; focus on your own lane

and the wealth you wish to create in your own world.”

In Positively Wealthy, Emma Mumford wants to help you manifest not only your financial goals but also delves into other areas of your life – self-love, your career and your personal life. 

It’s a guide to helping you manifest abundance across every aspect of your life, highlighting that in order to succeed you need to understand what wealth personally means to you. Your wealth goals may not be money-oriented at all.

To help, Emma has created a 33-day challenge, designed to give guidance and practical advice to start you off. After which, if you consistently remember to concentrate on yourself and your positive manifestations you will start to see results.

Before starting on the first challenge however, we learn more about the Law of Attraction; a belief that we can attract anything into our lives as long as we have a positive, grateful mindset.

“What you put out into the world you get back.”

Think about it, when you are positive everything seems better, you are more open to things and good things tend to happen. When you are feeling negative however, you expect the worst to happen, doubt everything and believe life isn’t going well. Your mood sets the tone and tends to reflect what then happens to you.

So what are some of the tasks Emma suggests we undertake in order to succeed?

#1. We need to express our gratitude. Concentrate on what we are grateful for every day. Each morning, wake up, reflect on the positive and you will be in a happier mood all day.

“Wherever you look right now, you can find endless reasons to be grateful,

no matter how big or small they may seem.”

#2. When you are negative and complain you manifest that mindset and become more subdued and defeatist. Whereas when we use more positive words and phrases we tend to remain in a better frame of mind and therefore it becomes more plausible that good things will happen.

“Our words create our reality…”

#3. Remember to celebrate your successes.

#4. Set monthly, achievable manifestation goals – personal, work, money, and health – it will inspire you more.

#5. Create dream lists. What do you want to manifest in your life? What is your dream house, career or relationship? Get specific with the details and create a visualisation board if it helps and then consciously thinking about other people who have achieved those goals, what are the like? You then need to recreate those actions and attitudes for yourself.

#6. Have a healthy, loving relationship with yourself. 

“The longest relationship we have in this lifetime is with ourselves,

and it’s important to make sure this is consistently the best relationship in your life…”

Stop being a people pleaser and start committing to yourself, only saying yes to things you really want to do. 

Self-love and self-care will leave you feeling more confident and lead to you drawing more positivity towards you. 

#7. It is ok to have a Plan B, not everything always works out. We need to stop self-sabotaging ourselves because we fear we won’t succeed. 

#8. Know your worth, but don’t just concentrate on your monetary worth, think about every aspect of your life. 

#9. Visualise what you want your outcome to be. 

“By doing what you would do if you were exactly the person you’d like to be,

you’ll ultimately become that person.” (Brian Tracy)

It’s a bit like when someone says they hope to win the lottery but never plays, how can they possibly hope to win? Likewise, you should act as if you have already achieved your manifestations as you are more likely to succeed if you are already working towards them. 

#10. Sometimes letting go of something helps it to manifest. 

We also need to let go of things that have happened in the past that didn’t go well. Holding on means you can’t move on. 

“Remember that all rejection is simply redirection to what is truly meant for you…

thank your past rejections, failures and disappointments because they showed you something

maybe you needed to heal or they taught you a valuable lesson.”

Of course, what I have highlighted is just a small overview of Emma’s 33-day challenge, I didn’t want to firstly overload you will her formula for success; neither did I want to detract from the importance of reading Positively Wealthy for yourself.

Positively Wealthy by Emma Mumford is a self-care book designed to help people manifest wealth and abundance into their lives.

My Thoughts on Positively Wealthy

Throughout her book, Emma Mumford highlights that we need to shift our perspective and mindset if we are going to achieve our goals and I think, if we are all honest, even if we do not believe in some of the ideas she discusses, this is paramount to anyone’s success. It is of course, far more difficult to achieve consistently as human nature often dictates that many of us tend to focus on what is not going well. However, how is that working for us? Are we achieving our goals? Perhaps not if you are picking this book up, so maybe it’s time to make a small, conscious decision to wake up each morning, thinking positive thoughts.

The majority of people are also driven by monetary reward, and while I feel that trying to change our daily morning mindset is something quite achievable, I have always found money to be an extremely emotive subject. After all, without it, we struggle to survive. Bills still need to be paid; life still needs to be lived. However, I do also believe that modern society drives a ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ type attitude.  If our neighbours or friends have something we covet, we strive for the same. Likewise, many want the best of everything in life – designer clothes and shoes, luxury holidays, nice cars, beautiful homes – after all it demonstrates our status in life.

“Comparison is the thief of all joy and a killer of dreams.”

But does it make us happy? We spend hours on social media, checking out the latest trends promoted by famous influencers hoping that one day we will be able to live a similar lifestyle, but in reality the chances are slim. That doesn’t stop us from trying though. However, it’s not necessarily good for our own health and mindset. In fact, Emma stresses that people need to move away from wealth in the monetary form being a measure of success and I couldn’t agree more. It doesn’t mean we have to turn our back on money; we just need to shift our focus.

“True fulfilment always comes from within and from working on your self-love,

self-worth and living an authentic life which is true to you.”

What I will say is this. There is no point picking this book up if you do not have an open mind and are willing to try new ideas. Think about it though, if everything you did right now was working for you, why have you even considered picking Positively Wealthy up? 

Some of Emma’s ideas won’t be for everyone. For example, some people will struggle with elements of the spirituality included within the book but as with any motivational read, my advice would be to take the elements you do feel comfortable with at this time and work on those first. Who knows, your mind may open up to newer ideas in the future after you have started to embrace the other concepts and seen the results.

Whilst much of the book reintroduced me to techniques others have already mentioned to me in the past there are also others that I discovered for the first time – including something called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and an activity referred to as Tapping by Brad Yates. Therefore, even those that have spent considerable time on self-care and manifesting a positive mindset are likely to gain something from this book.

Will I attempt everything mentioned in Positively Wealthy? Probably not, but I now do wake up each morning thinking about what I am grateful for, I try to remain as positive as I can throughout the day and I have started to think about what I would like to manifest for a more positive future.

The idea behind a motivational read, for me at least, is to feel rejuvenated afterwards, therefore I take only the elements that I can work on at that time and don’t beat myself up that other ideas didn’t resonant with me enough.

If you want to make changes in your life, you need to start somewhere and I cannot think of a better way to begin than with Emma’s 33-day challenge. It is bite-sized and written in such a way that after each chapter you feel more empowered. So you don’t do all the challenges, but even completing one or two could make a difference to your future.

Have you read any of Emma’s books? Perhaps you listen to her podcast and would like to share some thoughts on that here. Maybe you have read similarly themed-books that you would like to recommend.

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