YouTubers helping to inspire a move to Van Life

For more than three years, we have been looking into van life for ourselves, what it entails, and whether it is something we really wanted to undertake.

It’s a big decision and not one that anyone should take lightly. After all, not everyone is cut out for this way of life – constantly thinking about where we will stop next, the need to find water, and where we can empty our toilet responsibly.

But for those that embark on this shift in lifestyle, it opens up a whole new world and way of life, although it can often be incredibly daunting at the same time.

Where do you start? Should we convert or buy something already pre-made?

Before we even started to look at vans, we spent our evenings watching some amazing people convert their vans and start living their ultimate van life adventure.

So if you are looking for inspiration, here are some YouTubers we recommend you check out.

YouTubers who have embraced Van Life

Kinging-it are a couple of youtubers from Wales who have converted a big yellow bus called Custard.

#1 Kinging it

The only way to describe this Welsh pair is absolutely bonkers. Craig and Aimee spend their days coming up with some seriously mad challenges to complete and record it all for our viewing pleasure.

On top of this, they also renovated a big, once-upon-a-time, yellow bus which they named Custard. Custard has been on some fantastic trips, including an extended stay in Morocco, mainland Europe and the Scottish NC 500, which is remarkable considering they did this conversion in just about six weeks.

👉 Watch Kinging It here

Eamon and Bec are a Canadian YouTubers who have converted two vans and are now working on a cabin in the woods

#2 Eamon and Bec

This Canadian pair have completed not one but two van conversions in the past and are now creating their own life in the country, renovating a rather large cabin in the woods with stunning lakeside views.

The great thing about their channel is that they offer ingenious ways to fit everything into a small space; therefore, if, like us, you want a small space to live in but with all the luxuries, this is a channel you need to check out.

👉 Watch Eamon and Bec here

Will is a Youtuber that has converted his own van after stealth camping in his car

#3 Will’s Whereabouts

We first started to watch Will when he stealth camped in his car. He would choose the most random places for a night away, and while it never inspired me to camp in the car, it did highlight what could be achieved in a small space.

Fast forward a year, and he created a beautiful van without prior knowledge. He is brutally honest about how difficult it has been, how he had wanted to give up on a few occasions, and how life on the road when travelling solo can be pretty lonely.

👉 What Will’s Whereabouts here

Travels Bean is a Youtube channel where a young couple have both a converted van in the UK and a motorhome camper in the US.

#4 Travel Beans

For those looking to convert a smaller space, Alex and Emma have converted a tiny van to travel in full time. However, once you start watching the channel, you will quickly realise that they now have another prefabricated van in the US. So, they have the best of both worlds – a van state-side and one to explore Europe in.

Emma did most of the conversion on their European home and created a series of ‘dummy’ style videos to help others along the way.

👉 Watch the Travel Beans here

Overlanding Sophia are currently travelling Canada and the US in the campervan and as Youtubers are documenting it on the internet for others to gain inspiration

#5 Overlanding Sophia

Chesca and Ben have been travelling through Europe in Sophia, their self-converted campervan, since 2019 and have just recently embarked on an epic journey from Canada down to Argentina.

On their channel, they have completed not only a van build but also a van upgrade, as they had hoped to do a challenging African tour. However, due to the pandemic and the civil unrest of certain countries they were looking to travel through, they had to change their plans – hence the Canada expedition.

Whether you are after van build design ideas or wild camping spot suggestions, this couple has abundant knowledge to share.

👉 Watch Overlanding Sophia here

Jake's Journey Mate follows an ex-soldier as he tries to find his way in a new life living in a van

#6 Jake’s Journey Mate

This is the channel for those unsure about where life is taking them. Why do I say this? Jake is still trying to figure things out (aren’t we all).

After seven years in the British Army, he has completely thrown himself into Van life, converting a van as he goes. He openly talks about how tough he finds things and how he is unsure whether leaving the army is the right choice.

Compared to many others, Jake started his travels in a van before the conversion got underway, so if you watch from the beginning, you get to see what basic van life is all about.

Jake is a lad that proves you don’t need to have loads of experience to complete a van build for yourself; you just need to be committed to it.

👉 Watch Jake’s Journey Mate here

Those Happy Days are a vegan vanlife couple travelling around in a converted removals van

#7 Those Happy Days

This married couple was determined to leave the rat race behind, swapping a traditional life for one that is now lived out of a van.

They have managed to transform not one but two vehicles in the last two years and are now driving around in a large green removals van, seeking out the best vegan-based food options as they go.

They have spent their time to date travelling the UK but are about to embark on a trip across the water in mainland Europe. It will be interesting to see where they end up and how they get on, especially when they visit countries yet to embrace veganism fully.

👉 Watch Those Happy Days here

The Indie Projects are a couple who have travelled around in their camper before settling down in Portugal

#8 The Indie Projects

It is fair to say that Bee and Theo have truly embraced alternative living.

Since 2014 they have lived in vans, on a boat, and most recently in a small converted barn in rural Portugal.

Their channel contains valuable guides for van conversions, narrow boat renovations or building projects, and travel journals highlighting the best of their trips.

They are also completely honest; they tell you when life gets hard but also show you how fantastic off-grid living can be.

👉 Watch The Indie Projects here

Adam and Tania are Jits into the Sunset and they travel the world, often in their campervan.

#9 Jits into the Sunset

Tania and Adam travel Europe in the little van, jitters (Jits). It’s fair to say that while this van may not be of their own making, it certainly tests their mechanical know-how and their patience.

Since 2019 they have been travelling around in their tiny house on wheels, exploring some of the more remote park-ups and demonstrating that big is not always better.

In between, they also fly off to more exotic locations and have experienced van life in places like Costa Rica. Their passion for travel shows in their videos, and their free-spirited attitude is contagious.

👉 Watch Jits into the Sunset here

The exPAWers are a couple who travel around Europe in the van Vinny

#10 The exPAWers

Nick and Sarah and their two dogs are another couple showing the world how to live with less. They travel Europe in their tiny home, Vinny, avoiding the crowds and opting for beautiful park-ups in untouched places.

You will see them navigating their way down dirt tracks long forgotten by most and swimming in waters mainly untouched by humans while creating some mouth-watering veggie dishes in what has to be the tiniest kitchen ever.

👉 Watch The exPAWers here

Kara and Nate are travel bloggers that swap between vanlife and travels with a suitcase

#11 Kara and Nate

This pair is not what I would call conventional van lifers because they fell into this way of life during the pandemic. Neither have they converted their van.

However, they are worldwide travellers and have been exploring the world together for many years, most recently taking us all along for their trip to Antarctica.

What I love about this pair is that they learnt how to adapt when the world was closed off. They didn’t just sit at home waiting for things to happen. They instead made things happen, spending time exploring their own ‘ backyard’ instead of flying off somewhere.

This is more of a travel channel than pure van life travel, but it will undoubtedly open up your eyes to different possibilities, and it is great for those not wanting to convert for themselves.

They have been Youtubers for a while, and therefore you can go back over years of travels to more than 100 countries, a great way to gain inspiration for your next trip.

👉 Watch Kara and Nate here

Highlands 2 Hammocks tend to travel around Scotland mainly showing you the beautiful of their home country

#12 Highlands 2 Hammocks

Gemma and Campbell have travelled the world while working exploring Australia, Bali, and mainland Europe. For now, however, they have settled in the UK and are exploring in their beloved Elddis, ‘Ellie.’

Being fellow Elddis owners, we were instantly drawn to this couple because we wanted proof that van life isn’t only for those in converted vans.

They demonstrate that whether in a MOHO or a van, the daily struggles are the same – where to find water, dump toilet waste, or park up for the night.

These are certainly a couple bucking the trend of MOHO owners, all being retirees who only take their campers away for a few weeks each year.

👉 Watch Highlands 2 Hammocks here

YouTubers, Urban Vanlife cover vanlife in the UK as well as tips and upgrades on your van should you be interested

#13 Urban Vanlife

Neil and Emma are YouTubers from Liverpool who have not only built their van but also spend their days helping others. In their videos, you will see them offering advice to other vanlifers who are having problems, completing upgrades on vans while explaining to their followers what they are doing and why plus offering tech advice and guidance.

They travel to festivals, group gatherings, and other locations across the UK and Europe, always showing people how to make van life as easy as possible.

👉 Watch Urban Vanlife here

Camper vibe is a YouTube channel where the couple have created their own home on wheels and now travel around Europe as often as possible

#14 Camper Vibe

These girls travel with their cat and dog in tow in their self-converted van.

Louise and Emily travel, not full-time, but close enough around Europe, showing us just how van life in nature should be enjoyed. They show both the highs and lows of this lifestyle and explain why wild camping in the UK isn’t as easy as it once was.

Their videos are full of laughs, innuendos, and snacks – they have the biggest snack cupboard I have ever seen.

👉 Watch Camper Vibe here

Of course, this is far from an extensive list, but I hope this highlights the endless supply of knowledge out there on the internet to grasp onto.

Whether you are looking to convert from scratch or want to know more about this way of life, there is plenty for you to tap into.

Do you have a favourite YouTuber/YouTubers that you watch to gain insights into van life? If so, we would love to hear your suggestions in the comments below.

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