Canada: A Country That Everyone Will Love

It’s true to say that at one time, given a choice, seeking out amazing beaches to visit would have been at the top of my travel requirements.  However, as with all things, with age comes change and now when looking for inspiration for our next trip I research extensively.  I want it all – I want to relax of course, but I also want to explore, to see new things and try different experiences.  In all honesty, I think I have become a more experiential traveller in recent years.  It’s awful to say but I am no longer satisfied with stunning surroundings alone, I want something more.

If you had asked me five years ago where my ultimate trip would have been – hands down – relaxing for two weeks on the white sandy beaches of an exclusive Maldivian Island would have appeared at the top of my list.  Now, however, whilst of course I would still love to visit this archipelago of romance and ultimate luxury, I would be more tempted to team it up with say an extended trip to either Sri Lanka or India.

Other countries have also begun to intrigue me more.  Take Canada for example.  A few years ago if you had said ‘Let’s head to Canada on holiday’ I would have known very little about this vast country.  Today, however, I can’t help but research more and more about the varied landscape.  For me, Canada offers the diversity I am now craving.

Where In Canada Would We Visit?

Polar Bears, Churchill, Canada

Visiting the Polar Bears of Churchill (Image Credit: Gary Ullah)

I would, for example, head out to Churchill in search of Polar Bears, getting up as close as I dare to one of the rarest and most vulnerable animals of our lifetime.  I want to visit Whistler in order to experience all the wintry activities the area has to offer whilst staying in pure luxury in one of Whistler’s vacation rentals, before heading into the well-known cities of Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, and Quebec in order to explore the vibrant sprawl of each one.  Of course, no trip to this beautiful country would be complete without stopping off at both the Canadian Rockies and Niagara Falls so that I, like many before me, could experience the full force of nature up close.

Canadian Rockies, Canada

Canadian Rockies (Image Credit: Greg Schechter)

Realistically, the more I read and discover the more charmed I have become with the idea of visiting.

In my opinion, though, Canada isn’t for the faint-hearted.

Perhaps that’s my own interpretation though as I don’t really associate Canada with relaxation, instead of when I think about this maple-leafed country I think extreme: extreme weather, extreme activities and extreme differences.

Of course, this could be said for any country, but I have a feeling that if you were to visit during the winter months you would see a very different Canada then if you visited during the summer.

Niagara Falls, Canada

Niagara Falls in Canada (Image Credit: Artur Staszewski)

I can only imagine, and take what I have seen in pictures as gospel at this stage, but heading there during the summer months when the lush green landscapes are inviting you to hike to the top of one of many mountainous national parks would be quite exhilarating, attempting to do the same activity during the colder months however, many may class as insanity.

Let’s not forget however, that during the winter months you have the wonderful ski resorts to visit, dog-sledding to sample and bobsleighing to try.  Outdoor adventurers are clearly spoilt for choice in this part of the world.

Of course, as with any other trip we take, we do agree that we need some down-time.  What is the point after all, of spending your entire time away exhausting yourself?

So Where Can You Go in Canada to Relax?

#1 Prince Edward Island seems to be a great little spot to visit during the summer months if you enjoy time on the beach or perfecting your golf swing.  Personally, I have never quite understood why so many people seem to enjoy this particular sport but some see it as a great way to pass time.

Edward Island, Canada

The solitude of Edward Island in Canada (Image Credit: Stefan Krasowski)

#2 Banff National Park sounds more like my idea of relaxation however, with idyllic vistas and numerous spa facilities to help you unwind after a day of wandering around peaceful, nature trails.

Banff National Park, Canada

Banff National Park, Canada (Image Credit: Krishna Santhanam)

#3 Newfoundland, has, however, won my heart. Not only does it have quaint sounding little villages to visit called Heart’s Desire, Heart’s Content and Cupids, but its quiet coastal location is also screaming out to me.  There is nothing I find more relaxing than the sounds of the sea gently brushing up against a Cliff-side as I am trying to fall asleep.

Rocky Harbour, Newfoundland, Canada

Rocky Harbour, Newfoundland, Canada (Image Credit: TravelingOtter)

It seems that Canada is the country that has it all – fantastic landscapes, high octane outdoor pursuits, unique cultures, and amazing food. Perhaps it is therefore not surprising that the second largest country on the planet has won me over.

“Canada is more than its hulking-mountain, craggy-coast good looks: it also cooks extraordinary meals, rocks cool culture and unfurls wild, moose-spotting road trips.” (Lonely Planet)

Have you ever visited Canada, one of the safest countries in the world?  Would you recommend it and if so, where do you suggest we visit?  We would love to hear about your experiences below.

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