Van Life Movement: One person’s view on how to live and travel in a van

Living in a motorhome full time working and exploring.

Disclaimer: Have you heard the phrase Van Life? Perhaps you have considered moving into a van yourself or would like to know more? This article gives one person’s point of view on what van life could be like for some.

The Van Life movement is nothing more than a nomadic lifestyle where people enjoy transporting themselves most of the time in a camper van or motorhome

What once would have seemed like a hippie fad of the 60s is now a trend among young people who renounce traditional lifestyles and decide to adopt a philosophy much more in touch with nature, travel, and work patterns that do not depend on a day at the office. 

Is the van life lifestyle for you? Would you like the freedom to travel wherever you want, working as you go?

Tips for live in a van (photo image provided by pixabay)

Is this lifestyle, travel, and work are for you?

While everything you might see on social media about the Van Life movement looks like a dream or flawless lifestyle, the reality of living and traveling in a van is something you should experience for yourself before you get any unpleasant surprises. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to invest all your money in buying a campervan to find out if this style of living and traveling suits your needs. Nowadays, you can live this experience by renting it for a low price for as long as you feel like it. 

Platforms like Road Surfer specialize in the rental of camper vans and motorhomes, offering the opportunity to take your first steps in this world with the freedom to travel throughout the world and discover how it makes you feel (without being a blow to your pocket). 

Don’t leave without an itinerary 

“Traveling aimlessly,” “getting lost on the road,” or “leaving without a map” sounds like the premise of a movie adventure. However, in most cases, the best idea will be to define at least the essential stops to make during the trip and the sequence of points along the way according to the particular conditions of your journey and, of course, the requirements of the vehicle in terms of resources (water, gasoline, solar energy, etc.). 

Choose a van that suits your plans 

Before basing on superficial points to select the van in which you are interested in travelling, it is essential to consider that this will be not only a means of transportation but also your home during the time that your adventure will last. 

Just like when choosing an apartment to move into, it is essential not only to look at the price but also its age, water capacity, electricity, gas, heating, size, number of people traveling in it, level of equipment, and even insurance. 

Remember the type of trips you would make in the vehicle for a better search of qualifications. 

If possible, do it with someone else.

Could you survive married life in a van?

Van Life Partners (photo provided by pixabay)

While not to discourage you from doing things alone if it’s within your means, the Van Life movement is designed to share experiences and offer mutual support at every adventure stage. 

If you plan to embark on long trips and journeys, it’s best to bring a companion. 

Find ways to entertain yourself 

Every van needs a board game. There are times when during a trip or a getaway in a van, rain or cold can force us to stay in the vehicle. During these occasions you need to learn how to kill the time. 

A good option is to have a good book at hand. But when reading is not enough, and you are with your family, friends, couple, or even alone, a good alternative is board games such as dominoes, UNO, or any other card game

If you like gambling, you can also play games on platforms like Vegas Slots Online, available in most countries of the world, where you can play your favorite games safely and efficiently and even win bonuses and exciting benefits for any player. Also, you can access those games from your smartphone as well as from your tablet or PC. 

But if you want to relax, Netflix, HBO, or any other online streaming platform will help you not get bored.

Organize every detail of your work, mainly if it depends on the Internet 

Suppose you are dedicated to living and travelling by van but simultaneously you are a freelancer on Fiverr or any other platform. In that case, you will gradually learn not to rely on the internet signal while on the road on wheels. 

If you want to avoid work to-dos and responsibilities to take up space in your mind and take away from fun moments during your adventure, make sure you become a strictly organized person with your contingency plans, deliveries, schedules, and duties.

This trick will help you not only spend extra time working but also remember your responsibilities.

Are you interested in van life? Perhaps you are already part of the van life community and would like a chance to share. If that is you, please do get in touch, we would love for you to take part in an interview or for you to write an article about you experiences for others to learn from.

Disclaimer: As van lifers we love our freedom to work and travel from anywhere. We intend to show you that there doesn’t need to a compromise and it isn’t just for twenty-somethings. The views in this article are based on one person’s experiences and may different to the experiences we or you have had. 

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