Top Tips on How To Create the Ultimate Home Library

In need of your own library at home? Looking for home library ideas? This article highlights how to create a library depending on your own style. Via @tbookjunkie

All bookworms will know that there will come a time where you’ll run out of room for your beloved books and will need to get a little more organised.

So whether you are updating your collection of Jean-Paul Sartre novels, or are making space for your kids’ Harry Potter books, here are some simple tips on creating the ultimate home library.

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First, you’ll have to find a suitable space to make your home library. Getting a good, expansive and ideally, flat wall area is perfect for being able to display your books in a straightforward manner.

Don’t be afraid about building high, as there’s something about being faced with a wall full of assorted colourful books that’s endlessly reassuring and it will overcome plenty of space issues. Just check out some of these designs at the Architecture Art Design website that illustrates that the sky truly is the limit.

Home Library, Home Shelving, Book Shelving, Bookshelves, Books, Bookworm, Book Life

In terms of how you construct your shelving, then using soft wooden tones is a great way to add some warmth to your library area. Although don’t be shy of using some metal shelving to add a sleek and contemporary touch.

Whilst some of us will be fairly fussy about putting our books in alphabetical order, there are some avid bookworms who will even colour code their books – perhaps a little excessive for most of us.

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Don’t overlook the fact that you’ll need somewhere suitably comfortable to sit so that you can enjoy many comfortable hours wrapped up in your favourite novels.

Whether it’s a nice wingback chair or even one of the day-beds found on the Bedstar website, there’s nothing like having somewhere comfortable to sit to help a good book become a real page-turner.

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Above all, it’s about finding a way to display your books so that they can all be accessed with ease, and are in no danger of toppling over on top of you.

And just in case you were worried about being crushed under the weight of your book collection, then look at how this Japanese architect has managed to create an earthquake-proof bookcase that can even be climbed!

So whether you are installing a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf, or are just looking at the Bedstar website to find the ultimate day-bed for your browsing, there’s lots of fun to be had in building your own home library.

Have you got a home library or does your To-Be-Read pile tend to spread out around the house?  We would love to see your bookshelves, so why not send us a picture!

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