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Having a bucket list is a great way to document the things you want to see in your lifetime. In fact, a lot of people who make bucket lists like to write down a number of locations that they would love to visit before they die. As more people than ever are planning to visit places all over the world in the next year, it is worth exploring the top destinations for your 2024 bucket list.

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Stunning scenery of Iceland


Firstly, one exotic location that many people are interested in all over the world is Iceland. As a destination that can be easily accessed from the UK, Iceland is known for its unique lifestyle as well as a plethora of activities to partake in, such as going to the Blue Lagoon and exploring rock formations. On top of this, there are many wonderful spectacles, from geysers, glaciers and thermal pools to whales, seals and puffins. Many people add this location to their bucket list as they want to see the Northern Lights which can usually be seen from November to March time.

A white washed street in Greece with beautiful pink flowers and blue doors


Furthermore, it is no secret that Greece is one of the most visited locations in the world, thanks to its beautiful scenery, wonderful climate and tasty cuisine. One particular region that is gaining more attention in Greece is the Cyclades, which is an island group that includes Mykonos, Santorini, Paros, Milos, and Ios. One reason why it is generating more interest in this region is the plethora of celebrities and influencers that are going to the area and posting about it on social media. There is also plenty to do as there is a thriving night life with a number of nightclubs as well as shopping facilities. 

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Las Vegas is the place to visit if you are a night owl


In addition, known for its glitz and glamour, Las Vegas will always be one of the top destinations to visit in your lifetime. Over the years, it has firmly cemented a reputation of being one of the most exciting and thrilling gambling regions. Gambling establishments such as Caesars Palace, the Venetian and Bellagio Hotel and Casino are the perfect places to check out the latest arrivals in slot gaming. On top of this, there are so many entertainment venues to visit such as theatres, comedy clubs and piano bars, meaning that you are never going to be bored.

Siena in Tuscany, Italy, famed for the Palio Horse Race which takes place twice a year.


Of course, for those who want to soak up the Italian lifestyle and revel in a slow way of living, Tuscany is the perfect destination to add to your bucket list. From riding bikes while watching the sun set to exploring the beautiful hills, mountains and beaches, there are many reasons why this is the dream place to visit. In fact, when you consider the landscape, the olives, the grapes, the wines, the cheese, the towns, the food and the gateway city of Florence, there is no reason why you shouldn’t visit Tuscany. 

The Sydney Opera House is an iconic monument in Australia and one everyone should visit when travelling around the country.

Sydney Opera House. Image provided by Lenny K Photography


Moreover, in 2023, Australia was one of the most popular locations to move to, with several people uprooting their lives to try out the Australian lifestyle. In 2024, this trend is no different, as many people want to visit the region, even for a holiday. Sydney is one of the most favoured regions in Australia with many landmarks to glimpse such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The weather is also extremely pleasant, meaning you can lay out on the beach or take part in many beach activities such as surfing and paddle boarding. There are also many events throughout the year such as festivals, carnivals and meet-ups which help to bring those who are visiting the area together.

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The Elephant House, Edinburgh


In the UK, Edinburgh is regarded as one of the most magical and unique places to visit. In summer, crowds flock to the area to check out the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and during the autumn months, it is possible to get tours of the local graveyards or a ghost tour on a bus. On top of this, Edinburgh boasts stunning architecture and has been the inspiration for many books such as the Harry Potter series. With a unique history, there are also many opportunities to learn more about the history of Edinburgh and Scotland in general with surrounding museums and art galleries. Edinburgh has also been popularised by social media due to its cosy coffee shops and stunning cobbled paths which make for a truly charming and aesthetic experience. 

Ultimately, there are many destinations across the world that are on people’s bucket list. As more and more people are yearning for freedom in their lives, 2024 is certainly a year for people to travel. From Las Vegas and Sydney to Tuscany and Edinburgh, the list is endless when it comes to places to go in the next year. So, why not visit somewhere you never have before and add them to your bucket list?

Which destination is top of your bucket list this year? 

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