Top 5 Books to Read Whilst Travelling the Lake District

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For many travellers, their holiday would not be complete without a good book. With a good book in hand, you’ll be positively distracted from your surroundings since you will be wrapped into the story that it would be hard to pull yourself out of it. 

If you’re heading to the Lake District and wondering what book to bring, you’ve come to the right place. Given its stunning natural beauty, the Lake District is one of the prettiest places on Earth. And if you’re planning to take a good book with you as you explore this beautiful region, here are some of the best books to consider.

What to read either before or while travelling around the Lake District

The Windermere Witness by Rebecca Tope

#1 The Windermere Witness by Rebecca Tope 

If you need a book that will inspire you to explore the Lake District, the Windermere Witness by Rebecca Tope would be a great read. It tells the story of Persimmon ‘Simmy’ Brown, a florist who moved to the beautiful Lake District region to be closer to her parents after a personal tragedy.

At first, things were doing well for the florist. She received praises for her latest flower arrangements, and she felt at peace and contented to lose herself in her work. However, this got shattered during the wedding of a millionaire’s daughter after the bride’s father was found brutally murdered at the lake. Being the florist of the wedding and one of the last people who talked to the victim, Simmy got involved with the grief-ridden relatives. 

Centred around the narratives of two women, one an established author and another a novice writer, the Windermere Witness is a psychological thriller set against the beautiful backdrop of the Lake District. It’s an easy but compelling read, especially when travelling to the Lake District. Make your adventure even more exciting by staying in a beautiful Cumbria cottage near Windermere, where you can enjoy reading the book between exploring the Lake District.

Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter

#2 Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter 

Written by Beatrix Potter, who herself is from the Lake District, the Peter Rabbit is a children’s book featuring the adventures of Peter Rabbit and his woodland friends as they go on an Easter egg hunt. Peter Rabbit is a mischievous rabbit, and when his mother goes out for the day, he slips into the gate and heads straight into a vegetable patch. The setting is set in and around Potter’s home in the Lake District, making it a wonderful read for those travelling in the Lake District.

Beatrix Potter is an English writer, natural scientist, illustrator, and conservationist, best known for her children’s books, including The Tale of Peter Rabbit. She was born into an upper-middle-class family in the Lake District and was educated by governesses, so she grew up isolated from other children. She had several pets and would often spend holidays in the Lake District, where she developed a love of landscape, which inspired her books. 

I Never Knew That About the Lake District by Christopher Winn 

#3 I Never Knew That About the Lake District by Christopher Winn 

Written by Christopher Winn, I Never Knew That About the Lake District is a great book to read if you want to learn quirky little-known facts about the Lake District. The book brings to life the many interesting facts about the region. It’s filled with legends, secrets, and hidden places. It is where you’ll find all the answers to the Lake District trivia quiz in this book. 

In this book, Christopher Winn will take you on a fascinating journey throughout the stunning region, exploring the majestic landscapes loved by locals, tourists, poets, walkers, and anyone seeking scenic beauty. After reading the book, you will discover interesting things about the Lake District that you won’t read anywhere else. It also talks about wild characters and human stories and other exciting places, such as the resting place of poet Laureates.

I Never Knew That About the Lake District is the perfect book accompaniment to a literary inspired UK coach trip, especially if your trip includes visiting the Lake District. It’s a great book to keep you entertained as your coach traverses to the breathtaking landscapes of the region.

Pigeon Post by Arthur Ransome

#4 Pigeon Post by Arthur Ransome

Pigeon Post is a vintage children’s classic written by Arthur Ransom and set in the stunning Cumbrian Lake District. Published by Jonathan Cape in 1936, the Pigeon Post was the sixth of the 12 books Ransom has completed in the Swallows and Amazons series.

Reunited for summer, Dick and Dorothea plan to embark on an expedition to search for a gold mine into the high hills. However, the mining camp runs into all kinds of troubles. Aside from the danger of getting caught in a fire in an arid countryside, there are also scary encounters with dangerous tunnels. What made things even worse is the Squashy Hat, who happens to be a rival prospector and a spy. 

If you are taking your kids with you to the Lake District, this would be a wonderful book to get them. Set in the stunning landscapes of the Lake District, the book will be a perfect introduction to the beautiful region.

Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown 

#5 Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown 

For people heading to the Lake District to find themselves, Braving the Wilderness would be a great book to read. It’s a non-fiction book that challenges everything we thought we knew about cultivating our true belonging in the communities, organisations, and culture.

Brene Brown, a social scientist, has sparked global conversations about experiences that bring meaning to our lives in this book. She redefined what it truly means to belong in the age of increased polarisation and argued that what we’re experiencing is a spiritual crisis of disconnection. She then introduced four practices to achieve true belongingness, challenging everything we believe about ourselves and each other. 

Have you read any books about the Lake District that you would recommend to others? Is so, please let us know below.

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