The Best Sports Biographies to Read to Inspire You to Travel

Let’s face it; books are usually better than films. So why not get inspired by your favourite sports biography for your next holiday?

There are many places for sports enthusiasts where they can feel their passion up close. You can bring up your favourite sports novels with you on the trip and experience the moments mentioned in the book in real life while visiting those places.

We have picked a few top-rated places for your sports-inspired trips based on some of the most popular Sports Biographies around at the moment.

The Best Sports Biographies to Inspire Travel

#1 UK Tennis Trip Whilst Reading Andy Murray: Seventy Seven

Seventy Seven is the Sports autobiography for Andy Murray, world renowned Tennis champion born in Scotland.

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Most people plan a UK sports trip to witness the holy grail of tennis, Wimbledon. Wimbledon is situated in London and is famous for the most prestigious grand slam. If you have a long journey ahead of you, what better way to spend your time then reading Seventy Seven written by Andy Murray. Once you have finished it, it will feel like you have gained first-hand knowledge of how he must have felt while struggling to reach Wimbledon.

The pride of London Tennis, Wimbledon's centre court.

Centre Court (Image provided by saragoldsmith)

Moreover, the UK offers many tennis tours for sports lovers that cover various tennis courts and give access to play some games there.

#2 Monaco trip Whilst Reading Life of Senna

The Life of Senna looks back on one of the world's best formula 1 drivers. There are many different Sports Biographies about Senna but this is perhaps the best.

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When you are reading The Life of Senna, one thing that keeps on striking your mind is how impressive his car control was. His ability to race at the car’s peak performance became quite iconic in motorsports.

Monaco, the home of formula 1

Image provided by Berit Watkin

If you want to experience how riding a Formula 1 car feels, then Monaco is the best place for you. The Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix is held here every year on the Circuit de Monaco that runs through Monte Carlo and around the harbour. You can enjoy witnessing the world’s most expensive cars racing at speeds of over 200 mph on this track. You can buy Monaco Grand Prix tickets online from their official websites for the yearly Formula 1 race.

#3 Scotland Trip Whilst Reading No Limits, by Ian Poulter

No Limits by Ian Poulter covers his life as a golfer.

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No Limits by Ian Poulter is another excellent sports novel that shows how it must feel to play golf at the highest level. This book could be your chance to see some of his favourite places and hit those shots himself.

St Andrews in Scotland, a fantastic university city and home to the world famous golf course. Mentioned in many Sports Biographies about golf.

St Andrews in Scotland (Image provided by Mike 138)

One such place you can experience playing on the land where he once played the US Open is St Andrews in Scotland. This place is also known as the home of golf, and it’s possible to get tickets for and stay in luxury near the Open, you can even play on the course, it’s truly a memorable experience.

#4 Australia Trip Whilst Reading No Spin: My Autobiography

No spin by cricket star Shane Warne, one of the best sports biographies around about the sport.

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When your go to Australia, you must visit Perth. If you are looking for some top-class cricketing action, then No Spin by Shane Warne offers a great option to read whilst on your journey. The book takes the reader through some of the best moments in his career and showcases how he must have felt when he consecutively won the Ashes.

Perth Australia as the sun sets during the blue hour

Perth at Night (Image provided by Pedro Szekely)

This is the place where Shane Warne made his Test debut at the tender age of sixteen. Perth is also home to some magnificent beaches which can be enjoyed while getting your cricket fix.

For more travel inspiration on Australia you may also want to read about one woman’s trip across the outback with just camels for company, something that may of us would say not only takes guts but also a great deal of stamina, something sports personalities are very familiar with.

#5 Jamaica Trip Whilst Reading Faster Than Lighting

Faster than Lightning tells the story of Usian Bolt's rise to fame and how he became the fastest man on the planet. One of the top Sports Biographies to read right now.

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If you are looking for spectacular experiences when reading Faster than Lightning, then Jamaica should be your next travel option.  Read about how it felt for Usain Bolt to run his first 100-meter world record race whilst relaxing on a sun lounger and enjoying a cocktail. 

Jamaican beaches, a place to enjoy a cocktail and a good book

Image provided by keatssycamore

Jamaican culture is also famous for its music and food. So, you can get the best taste from their cuisine while enjoying some tunes on your road trip in Jamaica.

Have you read any Sports Biographies that have inspired your travels? We would love to know what other Sports Personalities have lead to people exploring the world.

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