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Is reading really therapeutic? Can it be used to help with your mental wellbeing? check out why we think it can via @tbookjunkie

Reading as Therapy


These days it is easy to find a therapist because of online solutions like But did you know that picking up a book could be therapeutic as well? There are several mental health benefits to reading that are backed up by mounting scientific evidence. Reading is great for the…

Scabby Queen by Kristin Innes is a novel about a woman doesn't quite succeed with a folk music career and ends up with depression and commits suicide

Review: Scabby Queen by Kristin  Innes


Clio Campbell first hit the headlines back in 1990 when she appeared on Top of the Pops wearing an anti-poll tax t-shirt and singing a song she had actually written for groups at protests. She killed herself in 2018 just days before her 51st birthday. Sadly, her death didn’t come…