Target by Simon Kernick is a Crime Novel With a Kick

Target by Simon Kernick

Target by Simon Kernick

The Story of Target by Simon Kernick

Who would have thought a few drinks with your best friend’s ex could lead to such devastating consequences?

Rob Fallon, bumps into Jenny Brakspear on a night out in London and after a night of catching up they end up back at her posh apartment.  They were both clearly hoping for a memorable evening – but neither could predict the events that take place.

Whilst Rob is in the bathroom, two individuals attempt to abduct Jenny.  Unable to stay hidden Rob makes a run for it knowing that he needs to get help and sprints off with an Irish man in pursuit.  Fortunately for Rob he succeeds and avoids capture…for the time being; optimistically believing that the police will be able to help.

Tina Boyd, is the on duty policewoman that listens to Rob’s statement and takes it upon herself to start investigating.  There is just one problem – not one piece of evidence. The doorman and Jenny’s father both insist that she is on holiday and when Tina walks into the apartment it is spotlessly clean – surely if there had been a struggle it would be a mess?  Finally, to make matters worse, CCTV does not show Jenny and Rob entering the building.  Still, whilst many would assume that Rob is delusional, Tina’s gut instinct is telling her that something is wrong.

Her boss does not believe there is anything to investigate so turning to her ex-colleague for guidance she pursues the line of inquiry on her own and has to call in Rob Fallon to help her.  Before long both are fighting for their lives – Rob has witnessed a friend being killed in front of him as a warning to leave the situation alone and Tina is taken hostage.

Eventually, Mike Bolt, Tina’s ex-colleague takes the investigation on and starts to uncover the real reason for the abduction – a potential Terrorist threat!

From this point on the story unfolds at pace and it quickly becomes clear that Jenny’s abduction is only a very small part of this plot.  IRA members, Underworld Criminals, Company Directors and Financiers all seem to be connected to this deadly attack but why?

Will everyone survive?  Will they find the culprits before it’s too late or will destruction reign?

A Word of Warming About Topics in This Novel

Gruesome descriptions of torture frequent this novel which may not be to everyone’s taste and the plot takes slightly longer to pick up speed than previous Kernick novels I have read.  It is still, however, well written and should still be considered if you enjoy a crime novel with a twist.

Simon Kernick

Simon Kernick

Have you read any of Simon Kernick’s novels?  Which one would you recommend to others?  Perhaps there is another crime writer that you prefer and would like to highlight to us.

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