Review: The Treadstone Resurrection by Joshua Hood

The Treadstone Resurrection by Joshua Wood is a brand new series from the Robert Ludlum spy thriller collection

Nick Ford has lost his entire team in what should have been an easy recon mission. How? His logical brain tells him they were somehow betrayed but by who and why?

Before he has any further time however to analyze it, trouble is knocking at his hotel room door. Once again, they have found him and within minutes of him reaching the Hotel Bolivar in Buena Vista, Venezuela a hit squad lands, and this time they succeed in taking him out.

They were, however, too slow; they did not manage to assassinate him in time to save the secrets from leaking.

In the time it takes for the squad to arrive, Ford has managed to send a communication out. What it says we are still yet to find out, but we do know who it has been sent to; his old friend Adam Hayes.

Adam Hayes is a war veteran having served in Afghanistan until reports came in that he was struggling. He is a black ops-trained assassin who was used to working on top-secret missions as well as a former operative who worked for the CIA’s Treadstone project, until he lost everything and decided to leave, hoping for a quieter life. In that respect, it all seemed to be going quite well, until he receives an email from an old friend, Nick Ford.

Hayes is still unsure who is chasing him and for what reason. Is it simply because of the information Ford sent to him? What has he unearthed that would cause death and destruction to land on his doorstep once again, and who can he trust to help him uncover the truth?

As Hayes starts to search for the answers he so desperately needs, he will have to wander back into the world of espionage and will be forced to search for clues in places that will no doubt ruffle feathers at the highest levels. Government officials will be placed under the spotlight and he will need to regain his skills and lightning-fast reflexes, which he long ago buried, in order to stay alive.

Faced with rogue agents, corrupt Venezuelan military officials, and a US Senator up to no good, Hayes has to deal with a bombardment of modern weaponry and violent confrontations in order to survive and solve the problem that Ford first uncovered.  

The Treadstone Resurrection by Joshua Wood, part of the Robert Ludlum Treadstone Series

My Thoughts on The Treadstone Resurrection

This is the first in a new series of novels from the Robert Ludlum collection and I can see why some have been disappointed. For any that believe they are about to read the latest Bourne spy thriller you are very much mistaken.

This is a new series, starring a new badass.

I have to admire Joshua Hood for wanting to take on the mantle and pen the latest Treadstone narrative. To follow in the footsteps of a much-loved author is not an easy task but he has created a spy thriller that will captivate his audience. It is very easy for people to judge and comment that he is not Robert Ludlum but some seem to have forgotten that he has written a well-formed novel with an explosive plot that people will enjoy. If it was not for the Treadstone connection, people would potentially compare his writing favourable to the brilliant author instead of criticising it.

What do people want from a spy novel?

A good spy thriller has a number of plot twists, dramatic scenes, a foreshadowing of things to come, and several red herrings thrown in for good measure, and that is exactly what we find within the pages of The Treadstone Resurrection.

Joshua has created a completely new character that challenges what he is told and does not sit back waiting for the action to come to him, turning him into the hero everyone is cheering for.

There is a depth to his writing that has clearly been exposed to copious amounts of research and this should be noted. Often, when you read such a novel, there are elements that are so farfetched no-one actually believes that such an incident would take place. As the action in this novel unfolds however, it is easy to believe that special forces troopers the world over have been sent into similar situations.

I have always been a fan of a good spy story and for me, Joshua Hood has succeeded. The novel was snappy enough for me not to lose interest but did not overwhelm with technical terms or too much going on at a rapid-fire pace to put more off.  The chapters vary in length, which means some scenes play out far more quickly than others with vivid storytelling causing to you picture the scenes in your mind as they unfold.

In writing the way he does, Joshua has created a wonderfully mysterious character in Adam Hayes. He never over-reveals, giving the reader just enough information about the man to convince you he is the right person for the job.

I for one cannot wait for the next installment of this new series.

Have you read The Treadstone Resurrection? Perhaps you have decided not to read it because it was not written by Robert Ludlum himself. Either way, I would love to hear your thoughts on this brand new series of the now well-known Treadstone collection.

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If you enjoy spy thrillers you will love this brand new series by Joshua Wood that follows on from the original Treadstone series by Robert Ludlum. Read the full review via @tbookjunkie

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