Top 5 US Road Trips Based On Best Sellers

The US offers a wide range of road trip options, with all kinds of places to visit. From coast to mountains and everything in between these are sure to please every type of traveller. Whether you are looking for sweeping views or an adventurous multi-day journey through national parks, there’s always something new waiting just around the corner on America’s highways. It’s time to stuff your bags and hit the road. These top five US road trips based on bestsellers will inspire you with their coffee-fuelled adventures, serene natural beauty or unique culture.

5 of the Best Selling US Road Trip Books You Should be Reading

#1 Route 66 Road Trips Whilst Reading Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas

Route 66 is the recognisable road in America and provides travellers with an all American experience. You are about to enter your own extraordinary journey, so take some time out for this bonus book, Fear And Loathing by Hunter S Thompson, which will inspire you while travelling down Route 66.

Route 66 is perhaps the most known road not just in America but across the world.

Image provided by Randy Heinitz

Imagine being in the company of some truly bizarre characters as you adventure through iconic scenery, such as Yosemite Valley or Grand Canyon. Not only will this journey take 827 miles (1368 km), but there are plenty more rustic parts that make up for it with natural beauty.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson is not only a well known book but also a film.

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#2 Alaska Wilderness Road Trip Whilst Reading Into The Wild

A bald eagle flying over Kachemak Bay, Alaska.

Image provided by Andy Morffew

Alaska is the land of endless possibilities for adventurous drivers looking to explore on wheels. In this state, gas stations and kitschy curb sides line most roads. At the same time, nature reigns supreme throughout Alaskan terrain with mountains that have never felt human feet or seen any form of development whatsoever making up its serene beauty.

To experience the Alaskan wilderness, read about Chris McCandless’ journey into its depths in Jon Krakauer’s book, Into The Wild. However, Chris McCandless’ story has an unfortunate end that leaves readers sad. There are many other luxurious Alaskan travel inspired things worth exploring here, like seeing northern lights during winter when they’re at their best.

Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer follows the story of one young man going in search of an Alaskan adventure.

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#3 Road Trip Along With The Mississippi River Whilst Reading Mississippi Solo

The Mississippi River runs through several states in America

Image provided by Christine Warner

The Great River Road is a National scenic byway that follows the mighty Mississippi River through 10 states. It winds and stretches across America, all of its ways from gentle headwaters at glacial Lake Itasca to dramatic floodplains along the way in between. We recommend reading Mississippi Solo by Eddy Harris for an entertaining experience on this open-road trip.

It is a story about an African American man who goes on his lifelong dream adventure. He paddles from Minnesota down through Louisiana while facing obstacles like barges and wild dogs along the way but also encounters racism in which two gunmen tried nearly killing him. Like his journey, you can experience it with your own paddle when going downriver past New Orleans while capturing some stunning views.

Mississippi by Eddy L. Harris

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#4 California Road Trip Whilst Reading Sideways

Californian coast line, the perfect place to visit for a spot of sunshine

Image provided by Scott Gustin

California is a land full of beauty and adventure. With its vast coastlines, towering mountains, and byways waiting just around every corner. You can explore anywhere from the scenic highways such as Highway 1, which stretches 1010 kilometres long along California’s Pacific Ocean Beach County Park, to Hearst Castle Estate.

While you can enjoy all these fantastic California travel tips in a guide while taking in the beauty of the state, it is also worth considering reading a book like Sideways. This novel follows two friends on an adventure-filled road trip to Santa Barbara’s wine country and gets mixed up with various misadventures along their way, perfect for anyone looking to have some laughs.

Sideways sees two friends exploring the vineyards around Santa Barbara during their road trip around California

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#5 Road Trip Through New York Whilst Reading Travels With Charley

New York city skyline includes central park

Image provided by Man Alive!

Autumn in New York is just magical. There are many things to do on the go, and they’re all great for a road trip. If you prefer an unusually short weekend break, we recommend Travels With Charley, written by John Steinbeck, who set out from home at 58, driving his pickup truck across America exploring what life was really about.

His journey took him to the west coast of Upstate New York and then across several states before arriving in Chicago by western New York, northern Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana. Like his unforgettable journey, you can now set out on your adventure today with some snacks. We promise it’ll be worth every mile travelled away from home.

Travels with Charley by John Steinbeck takes us on a road trip around America

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Have you read any of these? Do you have a favourite? Maybe you are planning some road trips of your own and have found some interesting reads you would like others to know about. Perhaps you have a different suggestion that you feel others would enjoy. If so, please share your book suggestions with us below.

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