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6 Reasons to Read Jules Verne

Often referred to as the founder of Sci-Fi, Jules Verne had, over his lifetime, created several works of fiction that are still loved by many today. “In consequence of inventing machines, men will be devoured by them” (Jules Verne) Even well-known entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, and adventure seekers like Nellie…

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The Prodigal by Nicky Black

Rating: ** Pages: 284 Self published by Nicky Black in 2015 Have you ever persevered with a book because deep down you know that eventually, even if it is slow at the beginning, something is going to happen, to grip you, to make you want to read more.  ‘The Prodigal’…

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St Ermins Hotel in London is the perfect setting for a traditional Afternoon Tea

English Afternoon Tea Indulgence

  “There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea”                                                  (Henry James) Everyone knows that Brits have a love affair with tea.  It has become part of our identity; part of our make-up.  Even if, like myself, you have…

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Some Lie and Some Die, Ruth Rendell Book Cover, Chief Inspector Wexford

Some Lie and Some Die (Ruth Rendell)

Stars: *** Pages: 239 First published in 1973 by Hutchinson “Rendell is a great storyteller who knows how to make sure that the reader has to turn the pages out of a desperate need to find out what is going to happen next” (John Mortimer, Sunday Times) The sleepy town…

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Encircle Africa by Ian Packham

  Star Rating: **** Pages: 269 “I travel because it challenges my preconceptions of the world, and about what I can and cannot do. Using public transport forces me into immersing with local cultures.” (Ian Packham) Have you ever considered setting yourself a challenge, one that you know others are…

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Harbour Views by Philip Chatting

Star Rating: *** Pages: 383 First published in 2014 by The Book Guild Ltd We never really understand how the lives of others, often those we don’t even know, are so intricately weaved with our own. We pass people every day without knowing their names, making assumptions about who they…

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Under A Croatian Sun by Anthony Stancomb

    Star Rating: **** Pages: 314 First published in 2014 by John Blake Publishing “I don’t know why, but the dawn in South West London never seemed to have the same effect on me. Somehow, looking out of my bedroom window in London I’d never managed to get that…

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“Death in the Sun” (Adam Creed)

It’s not very often that I feel disappointed after reading a novel but on this occasion that is the case.  I normally embrace all writing styles but for some reason this particular novel took far longer than expected to read, however, was it a bad storyline?  No.  For me I think…

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About Travelling Book Junkie Here at Travelling Book Junkie, we love to travel and have, over many years now, incorporated our love of all things quirky and unusual into our travel style.  That doesn’t mean we don’t want to stay in luxury hotels, it simply means that we look for…

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