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Under A Croatian Sun by Anthony Stancomb

    Star Rating: **** Pages: 314 First published in 2014 by John Blake Publishing “I don’t know why, but the dawn in South West London never seemed to have the same effect on me. Somehow, looking out of my bedroom window in London I’d never managed to get that…

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Berlin in Germany at the Reichstag building

Sandemans of Berlin: A Free Walking Tour

As general sceptics of anything organised by others, it was a complete shock to my husband’s system when one night, during our planning stages, I turned round to him and announced that I had booked us onto an arranged walking tour of Berlin. With puzzlement on his face, he turned…

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Shattered by Shelby K. Morrison

Star Rating: ***** Pages: 200 First published in 2014 by Shelby K. Morrison It’s not very often I sit reading a book and can honestly say that I did not predict one twist correctly to the numerous threads that appear. I write this review in awe of Shelby who has…

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Goodbye to Berlin (Christopher Isherwood)

Star rating: *** Pages: 256 First published by Hogarth Press in 1939 Want to know what Germany was like pre WWII?  Christopher Isherwood highlights the highs and lows of life in Berlin in his short biographical observations expertly put together within this novel. Split into six short stories, all with…

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Kill Me if you Can (James Patterson & Marshall Karp)

Star Rating: **** Pages: 463 First published in 2011 by Century I recently read an article that condemned James Patterson for his joint projects.  The author of the article was unrelenting in his disapproval of the split in workload: two people discuss the storyline and plan out the chapters but…

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The Luminaries (Eleanor Catton)

  My Star Rating: ***** Pages: 832 First Published in 2013 & winner of The Man Booker Prize Eleanor Catton has achieved a masterpiece at just 28 years of age: this will be a ‘classic’ of the future, destined to appear on English Literature reading lists in Universities everywhere. Born…

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“Black Money” (Ross Macdonald)

Written in 1966, under the pseudonym of Ross Macdonald, Kenneth Millar accomplished yet another compelling tale to add to his already extensive work in the Lew Archer, Private Detective Series. Colombo meets Miss Marple in this slightly bizarre twist on a detective, who done it!  Whilst Archer eventually draws a…

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It’s not about the Tapas (Polly Evans)

Just like Polly Evans, I have often wondered what traditional Spain was like before the beer swilling Brits arrived in the Costas demanding traditional English grub from bars called ‘The British Bulldog’ and ‘Royal Britannia’? Is Benidorm really the best that this country has to offer? “It’s not about the…

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Spending a Year in Marrakesh With Peter Mayne

Michael Palin classes this book by Peter Mayne as one of his top ten books so you would assume it would be a natural pick before travelling to Marrakesh. Why is Peter Mayne’s Marrakesh Worth Reading This is more than just a novel, it’s a journal of Peter Mayne’s time…

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Shakespeare & Co is perhaps the most famous bookshop in Paris if not in all of France. Find out more via @tbookjunkie

Shakespeare & Co: A Book Lover’s Delight in Paris

Shakespeare & Co: A Bookshop Worth Visiting Paris For Walking along the bank of the River Seine between the Pont des Arts and Notre Dame several artists can be seen selling their work alongside novels by well known writers. This is truly a part of Paris that represents the artistic…

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