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Why Everyone Should Travel On The Death Railway From Kanchanaburi

After an hour of travelling on the tired looking train, the wooden benches the only form of seating available in 3rd class, the click-clack of the runners colliding with the railway track had become quite therapeutic.  Opposite sat a gentleman that was clearly comfortable propping himself up against the aged…

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A Memorable River Kwai Stay in Kanchanaburi, Thailand

As we sat on the river bank sipping our ice-cold beers, listening to the occasional long-tail boat flying by, the journey to get here seems to be all but a distance memory. It is easy to forget, after having a warm shower, unpacking and relaxing leisurely on our own private…

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There Is More To Wat Pho Than The Giant Reclining Buddha

The Reclining Buddha – To Visit Or Not? There is always a danger of being disappointed in a place, especially if you have spent years hoping to visit.  But as I gaze up into his large thought-provoking eyes, I cancel out the boisterous tourists surrounding me whose only wish is…

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