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Qbic London: A Cheap and cheerful stay

After something quirky and different without a high price tag?  Qbic London may be your answer. Opened for just a few months now, this hotel offers a unique concept that first started in Amsterdam – everything is recycled.  You sleep in a room that has been created out of old…

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Paris and the Louvre museum's iconic pyramid at sunrise

Epic Reads And Adventures: Pairing Books With Travel Destinations

Pairing the right book with the perfect travel destination can transform your journey from a simple visit to an immersive cultural and emotional adventure. Imagine strolling through the same streets that your current fictional characters inhabit or standing atop the very ruins pondered by historical figures in your non-fiction narrative….

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A cottage along the waters edge in the Lake District, Cumbria, England

Enjoy the Most Romantic Honeymoon in the Lake District

Have you ever considered spending a romantic honeymoon in one of the world’s most scenic and beautiful locations? If you and your beau are interested in the idea and looking for options, you are on the right page. A wedding is indeed a very special celebration of life and about…

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Books that inspire people to travel around the world via @tbookjunkie, providing suggestions for all tastes.

A selection of top travel destinations for book lovers

Throughout history, some much-loved books have been based on or featured in a particular travel destination. For example, when well-read individuals think of Transylvania in Romania, Dracula by Bram Stoker springs to mind. Books essentially have a strong link to certain places. Additionally, books are a traveller’s best friend. While…

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The front of a boat in the lake, something that you might holiday on for a weekend or longer.

The Perfect Books to Enjoy on a Boating Holiday

Boating is a wonderful way to relax and enjoy the great outdoors. While on the water, you are guaranteed pure relaxation. After all there are no cars, traffic, rush hour, and deadlines to think about.  Make your boating holiday even more relaxing by bringing a book with you. And it…

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A white washed street in Greece with beautiful pink flowers and blue doors

Top 5 Books to Read Whilst Travelling the Greek Islands

Island hopping in Greece is a fun way to explore this stunning country. Nothing beats sitting out on the deck of a ferry, sipping cocktails, and wondering what awaits you on the next island. But with more than 200 islands to visit, you definitely need a good book to keep…

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5 Books That Inspire Adventure Travel

Adventure travel is one of the most transformative experiences we’ll have in our lives. It allows us to learn more about ourselves as we take up new adventures. Whether it’s journeying across the ocean in a sailboat or mountain climbing in the Himalayas, travel can push us out of our…

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Looking for inspiration on where to travel in 2022? These 7 authors will see you traipsing the globe from the comfort of your armchair whiilst you plan your future trips. Which authors should you be reading in 2022? Check out this article via @tbookjunkie to find out

7 Books That Will Inspire You to Travel

Travelling can be one of the most life-changing adventures we can have. It allows us to learn a great deal about everything around us, and it may lead to the most profound and life-changing insights. Travel may take us beyond our bubble in its most amazing ways, be it simply…

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