New York City’s Ultimate Literary Locations

We all know how wonderful New York City is. From its eateries and stores that never close to the amazing attractions that draw people from all over the world. But did you know that New York is home to some wonderful literary locations? You may be surprised at just how bookish the city that never sleeps is and what it has to offer us bookworms.

Must-See New York Literary Locations

New York Public Library open to everyone who visits the city.

Image provided by Julian Mason

#1 The New York Public Library

Located on 42nd Street and 5th Avenue, the New York Public Library is the ideal destination if you are a lover of quiet spaces, glorious architecture and, of course, books. With miles upon miles of books, or so it seems, the Library also has a mini gift shop. You can pick up a few souvenirs of your time at the Library and take some lovely memories home with you.

The Brooklyn Book Festival

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#2 The Brooklyn Book Festival

Taking place during the month of September, the Book Festival is one of the largest book orientated festivals in New York City. Complete with an incredible line-up of authors both world-renowned and local, the festival lasts for just one day. However, the week leading up to it sees New York City filled to the brim of book-related events.

Brooklyn Book Festival books for sale

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While the streets do tend to get quite busy when the festival’s taking place it is still a paradise for us bookworms. Forget about the crowds, spot your favourite author and find some glorious reads.

The Morgan Library and Museum in New York City

Image provided by Shinya Suzuki

#3 The Morgan Library and Museum

While you may have many plans to visit some of the New York attractions you’ve heard about on TV and read about in books there’s one that is extra special. The Morgan Library and Museum is not as well known as some literary-related venues, but it is one that is well worth a visit.

This venue was built back in 1906 and has become a much-loved part of the city. It is the library of your dreams and a real sight to behold. You can feel the calmness as you walk through the doors, and the air has that library smell that is nothing short of comforting. Located at 225 Madison Avenue at 36th Street, this is a destination you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

The Community Bookshop in Brooklyn comes complete with cats as well as books

Community Bookshop complete with cats. Image provided by Kari Sullivan

#4 Community Bookstore

Found at 143 Seventh Avenue, Brooklyn, the Community Bookstore is a lovely place to spend a bit of time. With very comfortable chairs, a lovely garden and a cat that lives there, this is somewhere you need to visit. Enjoy being away from the to-ing and fro-ing of city life and take a bit of time out.

New York City is full to the brim of the ultimate literary locations. While it may not look like it’s quite bookish, it is. Make your way to each of these wonderful destinations and spend some time in a location that’s really quite special. New York City really is a great place for those of us who love nothing more than to spend some time with our heads in a book.

Have you visited any bookish locations in New York City that we have missed? We would love to hear about them.  Looking for other literary related locations in the US? If so, our article on Literary Landmarks in the USA may help to inspire your next trip.

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A Bookworm's ultimate guide to literary locations in New York

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