Nature Lover’s Guide to Planning an Unforgettable Vacation

Nature and enjoying the outdoors is a great natural health and fantastic for your mental health. Looking out over the rolling hills as the sun rises and the mist disappears. Image provided by Dawid Zawiła on Unsplash

Spending time connecting with Mother Nature’s enchanting bounties and splendours is a privilege in today’s fast-paced, modern world. The complexities and obligations of modern-day life deny us opportunities to take time off and venture into the wilderness. So, when embarking on a nature trip, it’s important to make the most of your time off and have an unforgettable vacation. Likewise, choosing the perfect scenic location is crucial to ensuring an unforgettable experience. Pigeon Forge, TN, has grown in population, given its abundance of natural mountainous beauty and tourist-loved activities, like whitewater rafting, hiking, etc.

Hiking in nature is one of the best outdoor pursuits, both free and healthy.

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Nature enthusiasts thrive on the peace and serenity of the wilderness, soaking up the sun and exploring trails laden with fragrant blooms. But is that all there is to a nature trip, hiking, and outdoor recreation? Most certainly not. It’s common for outdoor enthusiasts to pack their itineraries with overly ambitious trekking adventures that leave them exhausted and drained. 

That’s not the right way to plan a memorable and rejuvenating vacation. We advise a balance between recreation and relaxation to spend your time marveling at nature and basking in its serenity. Explore our detailed guide on planning a remarkable journey that satisfies your inner nature enthusiast. 

#1 Comfort First: Enjoying Luxury in the Wilderness 

Here’s a common misconception about nature travel: you must cramp your comfort to experience the breathtaking beauty of Mother Nature. Truth be told, you’re more likely to have a splendid time in comfortable accommodation. Imagine returning to a cramped campsite after an exhaustingly long trek in the Great Smoky Mountains, with no hot water to bathe away the exhaustion. Your trip to the Smoky Mountains will spell disaster if you don’t pick the right accommodation. 

We advise nature lovers to research the most scenic and ideally located vacation rentals and hotels. Suppose you’re exploring the Great Smoky Mountains and staying in Pigeon Forge to enjoy accessibility from a convenient location. In that case, explore cabin rentals in Pigeon Forge that offer a privileged location near hiking trails. 

Few experiences compare to the joy of waking up to a spectacular view of snow-coated peaks and verdant rolling hills. These luxurious cabins in Pigeon Forge feature state-of-the-art amenities, like hot tubs, self-service kitchens, recreational amenities, and high-speed Wi-Fi. Digital nomads who like to stay connected and broadcast travelogues find these accommodations suited to their lifestyles. 

Selecting comfortable accommodation will give you an excellent place to recharge before your next adventure. You can elevate your trip with amenities like fire pits and BBQ equipment, enjoying bonfires and grilling sessions with your companions. Nature enthusiasts often undermine the impact of basic amenities, only to realize their importance while camping out in the wild. 

#2 Make A List of Must-Have Experiences 

Every destination is known for its iconic attractions and must-try activities that offer an authentic local experience. For instance, Arizona has the Wave, Nashville has its hot chicken, Tennessee has the Great Smoky Mountains, and California offers innumerable beaches. We advise prioritizing extensive research to map out attractions and experiences you must include in your itinerary. 

A well-rounded experience demands a balance between activities that stimulate you emotionally, mentally, and physically. For instance, create a mix of activities instead of packing your itinerary with hiking trails and nature walks. You can hike on day one and recharge your energies the next day with a relaxing day of beach bumming. 

Discover the most spectacular spots to enjoy sunrises and sunsets, and embark on early morning hikes to witness the colors of dawn. Pick up a map from the local state and national parks to explore wildflower meadows and waterfalls. Enjoy fancy seafood delicacies while watching the ocean waves crash against the shores. Build sand castles on the beach and let your mind drift as you lie on the sun-soaked sand. 

#3 Botanical Musings and Wildlife Spotting

You can make your nature trip unforgettable by learning about local flora, fauna, and native wildlife. Every destination opens up an exotic world of fragrant blooms, flowering and fruit-bearing plants, and wild animals. Some nature enthusiasts enjoy strolling through wildflower trails and inhaling the fragrant air as they discover rare species. Others find jungle safaris and wildlife spotting incredibly exciting, spending hours observing animals in their natural habitats in secret hiding spots. 

We advise enlisting the support of local guides while embarking on botanical discoveries and wildlife spotting. Safety reasons aside, the expertise and knowledge of a guide will enrich your vacation with knowledge and intrigue. You can learn about different plants and rare flowers, capturing pictures and journaling as you go. 

Mountains are a great image of nature and great for exploring

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Wildlife enthusiasts can find the best spots to witness migratory patterns, watch exotic birds, or indulge in wildlife photography. If you’re too intimidated by the idea of venturing into the habitats of wild animals, consider visiting animal sanctuaries and safaris. Sanctuaries offer a much more convenient and well-appointed experience to connect with wild animals without strenuous physical activity. 

We also advise visiting botanical gardens and attending interactive exhibitions to indulge your love for nature. 

#4 Trade Planning for Spontaneity 

Mother Nature is always astonishing with her changing colors and shifting moods, delighting us with her spellbinding diversity. Spending time in nature inspires the love of spontaneity, beckoning the heart with a totally unplanned and seemingly dangerous adventure. Excessive planning and rigidly time-bound itineraries will deny in-depth exploration that’s crucial for a soul-satisfying experience. 

While planning and itinerary mapping will anchor your vacation with a direction and purpose, spontaneity will make it truly unforgettable. It’s wise to research and list the attractions and experiences you wish to enjoy on your trip. But don’t let this list keep you from embarking on adrenalin-raising last-minute adventures. 

Being open to exciting and spontaneous experiences is of the utmost significance. Open yourself to the possibility of meeting new people and changing your plans to enjoy a spectacular new destination. Getting off the beaten track and taking the road less travelled will facilitate a powerful process of self-discovery. Spontaneous adventures will push you outside your comfort zone, honing your strengths into practical survival skills. 


We all have unique ways of connecting with nature and basking in its glorious splendors. For some, a nature vacation is about devouring indulgent seafood platters and lounging on the beach with a good book. Others get nature therapy from rewarding trails that lead them deep into the mountains, surrounded by cascading waterfalls and rugged cliffs. 

We advise a balance between experiences you love and enjoy and experiences you’ve never tried. Challenge yourself to a journey you’ve never embarked on to witness a side of Mother Nature you didn’t know existed. 

Do you enjoy exploring the great outdoors? Are there certain things you would recommend to others that they must do or prepare for before heading out into nature?

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