Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

While I am sure we all tell our mum’s just how much they mean to us throughout the year, Mother’s Day itself is an opportunity to officially spoil them. It is the one day of the year completely dedicated to the most important women in our lives; a day where we can show them just how much they mean to us.

The History of Mother’s Day in the UK

Mothering Sunday in the UK and Ireland falls on the 4th Sunday of Lent each year, but why is it celebrated on this particular day each year?

If we look back to the time of the ancient Greeks they would celebrate Rhea, the Mother of the Gods every spring. The Romans, dating as far back as 250BC, are also known for celebrating their mother Goddess known as Cybele every March.  It therefore seems like a fitting date for us to follow the tradition of celebrating the women that gave us life.

Like many festivals, the Mother’s Day tradition started with the church. Originally this festival was created to honour the Virgin Mary but over time the reason for celebrating has evolved and now has less of a religious feeling to it.

Today, instead of attending church to worship the Mother of Christ, many of us see this as a time to thank those closest to us. It has become a day where, nationally, we show our mums how much we value and appreciate them. We shower them with gifts, cards, fancy meals and beautiful flowers and pay tribute to them in personal ways.

Kids make handmade cards and create pictures and keepsakes, while older children save up their pocket money in order to be able to afford the box of chocolates they have had their eye on.

It is the one day of the year where we can officially spoil our mums rotten.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Are you still looking for that perfect present? Are you looking for something different this year and in need of inspiration?

We have a few ideas, from the traditional to the quirky, that may be of interest to you.

Bamboo bath tray with space for your book, wine glass, candle and soap. Perfect for a relaxing bubble bath

#1 Bamboo Wooden Bath Tray

Now this may not sound like a great gift idea, but bear with me. Imagine you mum relaxing in a hot bubble bath, with a glass of wine, candles and a good book.

This Bamboo Bath Tray could be the ultimate spa accessory. It has space for everything she would need in order to relax in style. Obviously if you wanted to take it to the next level, you could also add a nice smelling candle, a good book, some new bath treats and her favourite bottle of wine.

People struggle with ereaders let alone audiobooks

People still struggle to accept e-readers 


#2 A New E-Reader

If your mother is a bibliophile then there is no better gift than this. Never again will you mum be without reading material as most e-readers can store thousands on books which means she can create a library of varied reading material. There any many different types of e-reader to choose from including Kindle and Kobo.

You may also decide to add a subscription to Kindle Umlimited in order to make sure you mum never runs out of things to read.

Afternoon Tea could be a fantastic option for a Mother's Day gift.

Photo by Sebastian Coman Photography from Pexels

#3 Afternoon Tea with a View

If mum isn’t afraid of heights, why not treat her to a special afternoon complete with a spectacular view over London?  The Shard is one of the most iconic buildings in all of London and with a 360 degree viewing deck on level 72 you will be welcomed by with a stunning expanse of the city’s skyline as soon as you step off the elevator.

The Shard in London offers  a fantastic view of the city's skyline as well as plenty of options for food and drinks as well as an amazing afternoon tea that could be perfect for Mother's Day

Photo by Miklos Magyar from Pexels

The Shard also offers a variety of different themed afternoon teas to choose from with recent creations including one based on the story of Mary Poppins, and one inspired by the adventures of Peter Pan.

Tulip flower wooden plaque, a great Mother's Day idea

Image provided by The Bespoke Workshop 1

Where bouquets of flowers last for a short period of time, if you are after something more permanent for the flower lover in your life, then this flower plaque could be the perfect alternative.

With 8 brightly coloured tulips etched onto this wooden design piece, you can add up to 8 names – perhaps the 8 names that mean the most to your mum. You can also add a personal message to be engraved underneath, making it a wonderful present for your mother to be able to display somewhere in her home.

A flower pendant perfect for4 the special mother in your life.

Image provided by BayouGlassArts

#5 Pressed-Flower Jewellery

These handmade pendants are the perfect alternative for those wanting to shower their mum with flowers of the lasting kind. These pressed flower, resin necklaces are ideal for those that love jewellery with a slightly boho chic feel to them.

Star maps can  be produced for any date that is special to you

Image provided by

#6 Star Maps

If you want to mark a special occasion what better way to do so then with the stars. These beautiful star maps show the unique alignment of the stars in a place and time chosen by you. So whether you want to highlight what the stars were like for a birthday or a special occasion each of these maps are made to meet your individual requirements.

Book Subscription with The Travelling Reader, a British book subscription

#7 Book Subscriptions

This is a present that potentially keeps giving not just for one day but for an entire year.

If your mum is a bookworm why not consider a monthly book subscription. There are 100’s to choose from. You can pick any genre, what type of gifts are sent, whether you would prefer a eco-friendly subscription option or something that sees you travelling around the world from the comfort of your own home. Some I recommend looking into are: The Travelling Reader, The Wordy Traveler, The Willoughby Book Club and Hand Me Down Book Club.

The wordy traveler is a bookish subscription service that allows you to travel the globe from the comfort of your own home.

Toni Thornton is a designer from Leeds offering prints and cushions

Image provided by Toni Thornton

#8 Bespoke Art Work

If you are after something more luxurious, have you considered a bespoke piece of artwork or some soft furnishings?  Toni Thornton for example, has some amazing, contemporary pieces that some people will absolutely love. If your mum is a modern, arty individual these could really help to make a statement in her home.

Flower selections for Mother's Day

#9 Flowers Delivered to Your Front Door

If your mum would prefer flowers this Mother’s Day however, don’t forget that there are plenty of options online. Some florists are now also offering an option to deliver a selection of different plants – for both indoors and outside – meaning that you can create a flowery gift your mum will love.

Plant selection for Mothers Day

Some people prefer more hardy plants

On top of these ideas, you could also consider a selection of luxury chocolates or a fantastic meal cooked by your own fair hands.

Whatever you decide however, I am sure that you will all be making Mother’s Day special this year.

How are you celebrating this Mother’s Day? What special gift are you considering for your mum in order to show her just how important she is to you?

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