Main Reasons to Travel as a Student

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Student travel offers the chance to step out of the academic bubble and immerse oneself in the broader world. When people travel, they are exposed to experiences and perspectives that push them out of their comfort zone and challenge their preconceived notions. The decision to venture abroad as a student is more than just a vacation; it is an investment in personal and professional development. In this extensive guide, we’ll explore the myriad benefits of student travel and highlight the most student-friendly countries around the globe.

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Why Students Should Prioritise Travelling

Broadening Horizons

Travelling is both a leisurely and eye-opening journey that reshapes a student’s understanding of the world. When students travel, they are presented with an opportunity to step out of their comfort zones and witness the vastness and diversity of the world firsthand.

Personal Encounters and Connections

One of the invaluable facets of travelling is the chance for genuine, personal interactions. As students traverse different lands, they don’t just pass through as detached observers; they engage with the people around them.

Cultural Immersion

To truly understand and appreciate a culture, one must experience it from the inside. For students, this means seeing the sights and living the life. Relishing the exotic flavours of traditional dishes, participating in local festivals, or simply observing the rhythms of daily life are ways students can immerse themselves.

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Enhancing Academic and Practical Learning

Classroom learning, while essential, often confines students to theoretical knowledge. Travelling complements this by adding a layer of practical experience. When students navigate a foreign city’s public transport or try deciphering a menu in a different language, they apply and test their knowledge in real-world scenarios.

Language Immersion

Language is not just about words and grammar; it’s about expression, emotion, and culture. For students studying a foreign language, being in an environment where that language is the primary mode of communication is invaluable.

Historical and Geographical Insights

There’s a tangible difference between reading about the Colosseum in a textbook and standing within its ancient walls. Travel allows students to touch, feel, and experience historical sites and geographical wonders. These firsthand experiences offer a depth and richness that classroom lessons can’t capture.

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Personal Growth and Independence

Every trip is dotted with decisions, big and small. Whether navigating public transportation in a foreign country or managing a travel budget, students hone life skills essential for adulthood.

Problem-solving and Adaptability

Unplanned events, like missed trains or cultural misunderstandings, become opportunities to develop problem-solving skills and adaptability.

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Building Resilience

Travelling can be challenging. Handling challenges, from homesickness to language barriers, fosters resilience, a crucial life skill.

Best Student-Friendly Countries to Explore


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Educational Excellence

Canada boasts internationally recognised universities like the University of Toronto and McGill University. These institutions offer many programs, attracting students worldwide.

Natural Wonders

Canada’s diverse landscapes, from the Northern Lights in Yukon to the rocky coastlines of Nova Scotia, offer students endless opportunities to explore and learn.

Cultural Diversity

Canada’s multicultural fabric means students can experience a global village in one country, from the Francophone regions of Quebec to the vibrant Punjabi community in British Columbia.


Berlin in Germany at the Reichstag building

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Cutting-edge research and Innovation

With institutions like the Max Planck Society, Germany is at the forefront of research. It makes it a prime destination for students looking for hands-on research opportunities.

Rich History

From the remnants of the Berlin Wall to the majestic Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany’s history is tangible and offers a rich learning experience.

Vibrant Arts and Culture

Germany’s contributions to music, art, and literature are legendary. Students can soak in the arts by attending the Berlin Film Festival or wandering through museums in Dresden.


The neon lights of Tokyo in Japan at night

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Blend of Tradition and Modernity

Japan seamlessly weaves its samurai past with its tech-savvy present. Students can witness this blend by visiting ancient shrines in Kyoto and ultra-modern districts in Tokyo.

Culinary Adventures

Japanese cuisine goes beyond sushi. Students can savour flavours ranging from the hearty bowls of ramen to the delicate kaiseki meals.

Unique Educational Systems

Japan’s unique pedagogical methods and strong emphasis on discipline and respect make it an enlightening experience for international students.


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World-class Universities

Institutions like the University of Sydney and the Australian National University offer diverse courses and research opportunities.


Australia‘s unique ecosystems, like the Daintree Rainforest and Great Barrier Reef, serve as live classrooms for biology and environmental science students.

Indigenous Cultures

Learning about the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples offers insights into some of the world’s oldest living cultures.

New Zealand

The famous mountain and lake landscapes of New Zealand

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Adventure Hub

From skydiving in Taupo to skiing in Queenstown, New Zealand is a playground for adventure enthusiasts.

Maori Culture

Interactions with the Maori community offer students a deeper understanding of New Zealand’s indigenous culture and traditions.

Innovative Learning

New Zealand’s progressive education system encourages critical thinking, making it a favourite for international students.

Student travel is a transformative experience. It moulds individuals into global citizens, equipping them with skills and perspectives that last a lifetime. Whether you’re drawn to the academic prowess of Canada, the history of Germany, the cultural mosaic of Japan, the diverse landscapes of Australia, or the adventures of New Zealand, the world is an open book of knowledge. So, pack your bags, embark on this educational journey, and let the world be your classroom.

Did you travel as a student? Where would you recommend others visit and why?

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