Leeds Castle: A Tour Through History in Pictures

Leeds Castle is Historic to Look at Both on the Outside and Inside

An Inside Courtyard, Leeds Castle, Kent, UK

An inside courtyard, Leeds Castle

With an impressive moat surrounding the exterior of this 900 year old castle it is easy to see why thousands of people visit each year. As the private residency of not one but six English Queens and a famous actress, it is fair to say that over the course of time Leed’s Castle has seen many well-known people from history.

Head inside and you begin to get a feel for what it would have been like to lived here at the same time as Henry VIII and his wife Catherine of Aragon.  The rich colours and opulent luxury demonstrated throughout the castle highlight the wealth that has wandered the halls over the course of time.

The Queen's Bath Chamber

The Queen’s Bath Chamber

No trip would be complete though without spending time in the extensive gardens relaxing, watching the wildlife.

One of the out buildings around the castle grounds

Out Buildings around Leeds Castle

Bird displays at the castle attract many crowds

Bird Displays at the Castle

the black swan of Leeds Castle

The grand Black Swan


Wildlife at Leeds Castle

Wildlife at Leeds Castle

There are several different ways to see the sights – you can go walking, take a trip on Elsie the Castle Train or the Black Swan Ferry, go punting on the moat or, for the more adventurous, undertake a Segway Tour. For those happier to sit back in the sun watching the world go by you have the choice of relaxing in one of the restaurants overlooking the wonderful Castle or take a picnic and enjoy the grounds.

Should you wish, you can even spend the night in these sumptuous grounds.  Whether you choose to stay in a holiday cottage or go glamping in one of the Knight’s glamping tents there is something for everyone.

Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle

Enjoy the surroundings and decide for yourself which parts would be worthy of your time.

Have you visited Leeds Castle?  Would you recommend it to others?


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