The Trophy Taker (Lee Weeks)

The Trophy Taker by Lee Weeks

The Trophy Taker by Lee Weeks

“The Female James Patterson” is a very strong statement to make about a relatively unknown author like Lee Weeks and I have to say that is what intrigued me to read this novel.  After getting over my initial thoughts I settled down to read and realised that the accolade given to this talented woman is actually very just.

The Story of The Trophy Taker by Lee Weeks

Set in Hong Kong, The Trophy Taker, takes you into a world of Nightclubs and Triads and what starts off as a hope for a new life for one young lady soon becomes a nightmare.

Georgina Johnson leaves her past in England behind to discover more about her family history in Hong Kong; finding two cousins, Lucy and Ka Lei, to live with.  Lucy, works in the nightclub industry supporting her young sister through nursing college and due to a series of unfortunate events driven by Lucy, Georgina is forced to join her in this world.   This could not be further from her job she left behind in England, working in a book shop, and for that reason she never quite fits the lifestyle required.

Johnny Mann, is a homicide detective, trying to protect the girls working in the clubs and soon realises that this is not a place for Georgina to work.  He takes the time, going out of his way, to get her a different job where he believes she will be safe.  At this point due to the care that Johnny has taken with Georgina you believe that something could flourish between the two of them – however, it would appear that Johnny has a past of his own.

Johnny’s past quickly comes back to haunt him when he has to start investigating the murders of several Western Women; all having worked in the nightclubs of Hong Kong.

The murderer has managed to keep his activities undercover for years but due to unforeseen circumstances he needs to start disposing bodies, leading to concern flooding across the city.  The worst part: the bodies are dismembered and parts are missing – making it very difficult to identify everyone that has lost their life in this terrible way.  The ‘trophies’ end up becoming this individual’s downfall and soon the police are close to drawing conclusions – but this appears to be only half the story.

When Georgina goes missing, Johnny knows he needs to do something and quickly before she also ends up in pieces in a black bag and dumped like a piece of meat.  Will history end up repeating itself?  Will Georgina be found in time?

This is a gripping novel that will keep you guessing throughout.  You think you know where the story is going but than a twist is added and throws that theory out.  Whilst you can guess who is behind the killings the unraveling of the reasons as to why will keep you thinking…and also keeps you reading!

This may be the first book by Lee Weeks that I have read but I know it won’t be the last.  James Patterson better watch out; I truly believe that Weeks can write as effectively as Patterson and anyone that reads her novels will become completely hooked.

Lee Weeks

Lee Weeks

Who is your current favourite crime writer?  Have you read any novels by Lee Weeks?

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