La Mormoraia, Tuscany: Where to Experience the Perfect Romantic Getaway

The sunset over the Chianti hills in Tuscany Italy

When you think about a romantic weekend in Tuscany, what images come to mind?

For me, I envisaged sweeping vineyards as far as the eyes could see. I wanted to be encased in olive trees and hear the birds tweet as the sun sets over the cypress tree line. I knew it was a lot to ask and was concerned that, thanks to Hollywood and movies like Letters from Juliet, I would never be truly happy.

I honestly believed that nothing would live up to my expectations.

La Mormoraia in Tuscany is a luxury agriturismo that anyone exploring the Chianti hills will love.

Welcome to La Mormoraia

However, thanks to some extensive research on Paul’s part, my dream stay in Tuscany became a reality.

The view of La Mormoria on the approach

What a view from the driveway

Agriturismo La Mormoraia, located in the heart of Tuscany surrounded by the rolling hills of Chianti, is the perfect setting for any stay in Italy. If you are after an idyllic break away after a few days in either Florence, Siena, or Cinque Terre, then this peaceful retreat could be for you.

Set in a panoramic position overlooking the towers of San Gimignano in the distance, with vast vineyards to get lost in, Agriturismo La Mormoraia is a true beauty. No expense has been spared here.

The vineyards of La Mormoraia stretch as far as the eye can see

Italy is renowned for its rich history and the story of La Mormoraia is steeped in Italian tradition. So if like me, you are seeking a unique location with an interesting background, this agriturismo holds the potential for an amazing stay, and booking a break here will certainly make for a memorable trip.

Taken on by the Passoni family in 1980, this luxury farmstead was once an ancient convent also known as La Mormoraia. However, it wasn’t until the early 1990’s that the careful, sympathetic renovation of the houses and vineyards began. Up until that time, it was simply a working farm but the family, wanting to share this wonderful place, decided to revive its soul and create a sanctuary for all to enjoy. 

Why is Agriturismo La Mormoraia so special?

The entrance to the agriturismo in the Chianti hills on the well-known wine route and close to many of the towns of central Tuscany

Unlike Hotels and B and B’s, I have always felt that by staying at an agriturismo I am giving more back to the local community. For those that are unaware of what an agriturismo is, let me explain.

Blending the worlds of agriculture and tourism together, agriturismos are normally working farms where guests are invited to stay and dine. It means that, often due to the size of the property, you receive a warm welcome which continues throughout your stay as you become recognised by the owners.

Olives grown in Tuscany for fantastic Olive Oil production

However, it is often the food and drinks offered at these farm stays that remain most memorable. As agriturismos are working farms you will find things like homemade wines and olive oil on the menu as well as many different meat choices and vegetable dishes created from their own produce meaning that meals are fresh and wholesome, and represent the traditional foods of the area.

Wine product is high in Italy and no better wines will be found than in Tuscany where the vines are exposed to long summer sun days,

What better way to gain a gastronomic understanding of each region.

For La Mormoraia, the food sets a benchmark that few restaurants can achieve.

Agriturismo La Mormoraia: The Reasons to Visit

Views from the window of La Mormoria

Stunning views from the bedroom window

The Accommodation

With 25 rooms, this is one of the larger agriturismos we have found. There are several different styles of room, all renovated in a warm, rustic, traditional Tuscan style – handmade cozy-coloured terracotta tiles, beautifully white-washed stone walls, and ceilings with exposed chestnut beams. To complete the relaxed atmosphere of each room, the locally made solid wooden furniture is combined with natural linen fabrics and large picture-perfect windows, all providing views out across the Tuscan countryside.

The Food

What a place to spend breakfast overlooking the Chianti hills

Breakfast with a view

Breakfast is a memorable experience that will tantalise your taste buds and set you up for the day ahead. No breakfast will compare in quality to what you receive here. With organic milk and yogurts, homemade sweet treats, a beautiful selection of cold meats and cheeses, and tantalising preserves to spread on your warmed brioches, all served to you on the open terrace that faces out over the countryside; the scenery continuing to change as the sun rises higher.

Come lunchtime, if you manage to drag yourself away from the pool and sun terrace, the chef can prepare a selection of goodies to keep you topped up until the main event.

Meatballs at the restaurant in Tuscany. A homemade affair.

Dinner is a luxurious affair that will see you gorge on exquisite dishes of rich Italian food: melt in the mouth meats, tangy salads, perfectly cooked pasta dishes, all delicately matched to maximise the flavour on your plate. The wines are also beautifully matched depending on what dishes you decide upon – whether you prefer a crisp, dry white or a rich-bodied red; the team at La Mormoraia is on hand to advise which of their wines will best complement the dishes chosen.

Wine and Olive Oil Tasting

Wine tasting at La Mormoraia

Ready for an afternoon of wine tasting

With over 30 hectares of the farm covered in vines and 10 hectares planted with olive trees, lovingly cultivated by the family, no trip to La Mormoraia would be complete without tasting their superb products.

Olive oil is a favourite of those visiting LA Mormoraia

We spent a wonderful afternoon with the team, tasting far too many wines, wandering the winery, and trying their rich olive oil, liberally soaking the home-baked bread to fully appreciate the taste sensation.

Wine tasting for an afternoon at La Mormoraia


Their organically produced wines are stored in big oak barrels used to aid the aging process and heighten the flavours of this quality wine.

The oak wine barrels used to store La Mormoraia wines to help age them.

If wine is a passion of yours, then I guarantee you will not be walking away empty-handed. We personally enjoyed the Ostrea, the Antalis, the Neitea, and the Mytilus during our stay and highly recommend them to any wine lover.

If of course, the aim of your stay is pure relaxation, and want to spend your days enjoying the Italian sunshine by the pool, then the team at La Mormoraia will go out of their way to make sure you have everything you need.

Relaxing by the pool of La Mormoraia with one of their speciality bottles of fizz

La Mormoraia also produce a lovely fizzy wine


For those that do want to explore the Chianti hills and surrounding towns, this again is something the team can help you with. Providing information on hiking trails and the hire of electric mountain bikes. Plus, if you are a true foodie, they can also arrange cooking classes with local chefs so that you too can learn how to recreate their loved Tuscan dishes. Or for something extra special hire a Classic Vintage Convertible, which can be delivered directly to the argirturismo so that you can explore more of the area.

For those that want to be swept away and feel like they are living in their own romantic movie, La Mormoraia is a perfect choice; it will not disappoint.

The sunset over the Chianti hills in Tuscany Italy

Have you stayed in an agriturismo? Do you have any romantic recommendations that you would like to share with others?

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