Is the INNOCN Travel Monitor N1F PRO the Perfect Travel Companion?

When I think about the more nomadic lifestyle we are looking to embark upon in 2022 and all of the technology that we potentially need to fit into a van or motorhome it scares me.

That’s right, our aim this year is to run off into the sunset in our tiny house on wheels if we can ever agree on what sort of vehicle we are going to purchase. It seems we can’t agree upon what sort of vehicle we should purchase for fear of not being comfortable, and I know I am partly to blame for this – or rather my extremely extensive book collection is along with two laptops, tablets, kindles, and anything else you can throw into the mix. Add to this Paul’s love of gaming and photography and my love of binge-watching the occasional series on Netflix, and as you can imagine it seems unlikely that we will have any space for the essentials – namely food and clothing, and perhaps even ourselves at this rate.

That is why I have started to look into alternatives to see what we could possibly use as a multi-purpose, all-in-one, device that would alleviate the need for all the tech, or at least some of the tech we currently have.

The  INNOCN Travel Monitor N1F PRO is compact, lightweight and has a variety of different functions making it the perfect travel companion.

INNOCN Travel Monitor N1F PRO

It was during this search that I stumbled upon a sleek and stylish looking monitor that I thought could be used in various different ways. And before you all start telling me there is no way one monitor will effectively help resolve our storage issues, hear me out – because trust me, you may just fall in love with the  INNOCN Travel Monitor N1F PRO as well.

Why you should consider the INNOCN Travel Monitor?

Firstly, I think it is important to remember that I am no tech guru, and normally if there is going to be any mention of technology here the advice normally doesn’t come from me. Therefore the fact that I understand the capabilities of this travel monitor should highlight just how easy it would be for someone to use in many different ways.

So let’s get the techie bit out of the way!

#1 Firstly, in its most basic form, the INNOCN is a portable laptop monitor

At 15.6 inches it sits comfortable in between tablet/notebook size and TV screen making it ideal for not only working on but also watching a film on. Being HD 1080P and anti glare, it’s the perfect bit of kit to use as a both a worktop screen, making it easy on the eyes, and a TV screen with a high-definition finish. After all, no one wants to watch a film nowadays if it is not in HD and Paul will certainly argue that when playing the latest computer game, no-one will enjoy it if they are having to use a sub-par TV when the graphics now often make the game.

 INNOCN Travel Monitor N1F PRO is great for gaming

I also see it as a solution for my on-the-go meetings. Being a freelance, it is not unusual for one or both of us to be using both our laptops for note-taking and our tablet for a conference call at the same time. This way, ok we are still using two screens, but one screen will later turn into our TV as well.

#2 Ease of connectivity

Boasting both USB C & HDMI connectivity, this portable computer monitor is compatible with most laptops and smartphones. Innocn claims that I can ‘plug, play and share’, a statement I particularly like and linger on. I hate it when technology takes forever to set up for just a brief period of time and therefore for me, the ease of use is probably the most important thing, making this a real winner especially because I really hate having to hold a zoom call on my mobile. Perhaps it’s just me but trying to hold my phone, take notes and look professional all at the same time really doesn’t work. This way, I don’t need a separate tablet however to go with my already burgeoning table of tech because I can just hook my phone up and away I go. The company also promises to deliver a stable connection and steady data transmission which will hopefully, lead to fewer broken video calls where people’s faces freeze at the most unattractive moments.

Likewise, each of our cameras can easily be linked up to the monitor, meaning that Paul can use the screen for his photo editing because its 1080p resolution will only enhance the finest of details that are not always visible to the naked eye when looking at them throw the small screen on the back of the camera. Of course, it does mean that we will also see any imperfections more clearly which will probably lead to better work in the long run as we will become more critical over the images we take.

 INNOCN Travel Monitor N1F PRO is perfect for those of us that need to be careful about the blue light exposure

#3 INNOCN promotes Low Blue Technology for comfortable viewing

For anyone that works online, whether in an office environment or on the road, you will appreciate that if you are not careful, by the end of the day, your eyes hurt. You walk around feeling a bit like a zombie because the screen time has made your eyes, and often under your eyes as well, ache and itch to an uncomfortable level.

For anyone like me out there that also suffers with debilitating migraines, you know that blue light has a serious impact on your life. It can take you out of work for days, and when you rely on technology for your income that is the last thing you need. Therefore anything that promotes a healthier level of blue light technology automatically gets my vote.

With each purchase you also receive an accessory pack providing you with everything you will need to convert your monitor into a multi-functional piece of equipment and a premium support service so if, like me, you are not the most tech-savvy individual there is always someone on hand to help you.

Finally, and perhaps for some the most important thing to consider when purchasing something like this is the price and I have to say that when we were doing our research not only did the INNOCN come out on top for its functionality, it also held a very appealing price tag. At just over $200, I feel that, because it is so versatile, the price is, if anything, cheap. If you think about how much you would pay for a HD TV small enough to fit into your tiny home on wheels or even your office, this is a very competitive price. Add to this the fact that we have also been able to secure a $50 discount for all our readers, I actually think it is an amazing offer.

To take advantage of this offer, simply add the code N1F20INC at checkout.

For us, we want to downsize our lives but we still want some luxuries and I feel that this little gem of a find could be something that appeals to many.

 INNOCN Travel Monitor N1F PRO is portable to be able to use when on the go

Image provided by The Camping Nerd

Have you purchased the INNOCN Travel Monitor? Would you recommend it to others?

Thank you to INNOCN  for sponsoring this article. I have been paid for my time but all views and opinions mentioned in this piece are my own.

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