How to Prepare and Camp Safely During the Pandemic

How to prepare and camping during a pandemic. The key things to remember during this difficult time.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had quite an impact on our everyday lives, from our work life to any potential travel and vacation plans. Travel is pretty much off-limits all around the world, which leaves you with one simple way of getting out and enjoying a bit – camping.

However, while in regular conditions you’d probably be looking forward to meeting new people and socializing, that’s not really a good idea nowadays. And that’s not the only thing that’s a bad idea in these conditions, so let’s take a look at a few things that should keep you safer if you’re going to be camping during the pandemic.

How to prepare for Camping During a Pandemic

#1 Grab the Right Gear

As in any circumstances and despite the season and location, suitable and reliable camping gear is a must. Apart from making sure your essential gear is appropriate, in times of pandemic you may want to choose a one-person tent or hammock-compatible sleeping bag to stay isolated and at a safe distance from other people in the group. Hyke & Byke offers such collections as professional and affordable gear that’s perfect for camping solo or as part of a group. 

However, the most important gear that you’ll need during the pandemic is the items that will help you stay safe and keep your hygiene levels high.


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One of the perks of camping is that if you forget something like toilet paper, or tissues, or anything similar, chances are someone will be able to borrow you some. But during the pandemic, these items are an absolute must in your arsenal, and you should make sure you have plenty of them. You’re not going on a camping trip alone? Then get enough supplies for you, and everyone else who’s coming. Forgetting hygiene items is not an option.

While we’re talking hygiene items, the most important ones (aside from tissues and toilet paper), are hand sanitizer and surface disinfectants. You’ll need to touch certain surfaces when you’re setting up camp, and you want to make sure they’re disinfected before you do so. You have no idea knowing who touched them previously, so make sure it’s diligently cleaned. 

Here’s something you might not be thinking about – the public bathrooms and showers are two areas that are pretty much impossible to keep clean, even in regular conditions. If you want to stay safe, consider one of those camping showers, which will allow you to shower whenever you need to, without needing to share a shower with anyone else you don’t know.

#2 Book The Trip Early

A lot of people love the fact that you can go out on a camping trip rather spontaneously. However, nowadays, you need to plan things as early as possible. And it’s not just about planning them, you should also announce them early, too. By “announce”, we mean to tell the campground that you’ll be heading there. The campground respecting social distancing measures won’t go too far if people show up unannounced, will it?

To do your part and help with this, it’s a good idea to place a reservation as early as possible. Most modern campsites will let you do that online, so it should be simple enough, but even if that’s not an option, a phone call will probably suffice.

When you’re trying to book your dates, there’s one thing that’s going to help a lot in terms of safety during the pandemic, and that’s you being flexible. Avoiding people is something you definitely need to do, so if you find that the campsite you’re heading to is getting booked pretty quickly, you can avoid crowds by booking things for a later date.

#3 Stick to Familiar People

This is probably the most important thing you should be doing – keep your distance from people you don’t know. When you’re going out camping, doing it in a big group isn’t a good idea during the pandemic. You want to keep things small and only go with people that are within your bubble, or that you live with together.

campfires are a great way to spend your evenings when camping

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Now, sure, you’ll probably come across people at some point, but if you notice a big crowd forming somewhere, you should do your best to stick to your own group, and steer clear of any big groups. If you notice a crowd on the trail you’re hiking on, give them enough room to pass safely while maintaining social distancing measures. Yes, this arguably makes things less fun, but it’s all about staying safe nowadays.

#4 Most Importantly – Wear a Mask

This is the last thing you should keep in mind. Wear your mask as much as possible, and always if you’re in close proximity to someone you don’t know. This goes a long way towards reducing the potential transmission of COVID-19.

When you’re packing, make sure you have plenty of masks. This doesn’t only mean masks for you – grab a few spares for someone who might’ve forgotten theirs. Also, if something happens to your mask, you can just grab a new one.

And do everyone a favour, bring a mask even if you’re completely certain you’ll be camping in the wilderness and you won’t meet anyone else. The chances of someone else having the same idea and you crossing their path are pretty big.

Are you planning a camping trip this year? How do you prepare for a weekend away in a tent? Which campsites would you recommend for those wanting to camp during this current pandemic?

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How to prepare and camping during a pandemic. The key things to remember during this difficult time. Read our top tips via @tbookjunkie

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  • Dani de Leo says:

    Thanks so much for the great advice. I’am always on the lookout for the travel tips for traveling in Covid-19. This article is a huge help. Thanks for sharing this informative blog.It helped even with all the ‘new normal’ protocols.

  • Bryson Fico says:

    Carrying a mask, especially on popular trails, is a must. I found that most campsites are appropriately spaced per Covid guidelines, but booking early ensures the optimal choices. Many public lands around national and state parks offer free camping if campgrounds are too crowded.

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