How to download your choice of free books online

How to download free books for your ereader online. What you need to consider depending on which type of device you have via @tbookjunkie

When you desire something, you will not miss a chance to get it for free, and the same goes for books. Anyone who loves reading wants books for free from the comfort of their place without the tribulation to go to a library. Buying books from Amazon or a bookstore can be a costly hobby. This certainly doesn’t put an end to reading as digital libraries such as online books free on Obooko would save the day.

The internet has changed the trend of reading. People used to go to libraries or bookstores to find the books they desired to read and still couldn’t find anything on the shelves. However, with platforms like Amazon and Kindle, every book is readily available. Even many libraries have moved online to keep up with technological advancement, and with it, there are also websites that offer free books. Here are some ways of getting free books without the breach of copyright law.

There are many other websites and resources from where you can grab eBooks without paying a single penny. Here is a list of the types of useful sites to help you find eBooks free of cost.

#1 Big Book Promotion Sites

You can now easily access free books via promotion sites. There are countless writers with amazing stories to tell you. All you have to do is make an account and feast the soul of your inner reader. They offer remarkable exposure to writers and let the readers enjoy their leisure in a traditional manner.

#2 Free Electronic Book Sites and Directories

If you think the internet has a limit, you’re wrong. In this day and age, you can access any information online, and free electronic book sites are one of the primary sources. There are hundreds of free sites that provide you a chance to read your heart out!

#3 Free Audiobooks

If you’re a busy bee with the soul of a reader, then audiobooks are the best option. Listen to the tales of the wise and old while doing chores or going about with your day casually.

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Which Type of Books can you Read for Free?

If you look for free books on the internet, you may notice most of them to be classics. This happens because the old works of plays, essays or literature are commonly categorised as public ownership, which means that the piece of work is not under the protection of any copyright law. If there is no ownership of a work, then it is provided for free use.

Things to Know Before you Download

If you read a book online, it will be much easier as compared to downloading it. Apple Books can be installed for use on an iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone. Google Play Books is also available for access on android phones.

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Here are a few formats you will see as you search and download free books:

  1. EPUB: will be compatible with all devices other than Kindle.
  2. HTML: available if you tend to read on your browser, this format is also available on eReaders.
  3. MOBI: available for use on Kindle.
  4. PDF: this format is supported by android, iOS and eBook readers.
  5. RTF: works along with Android devices, iOS and most of the eBook readers.
  6. TXT: basic text compatible with android services as well as iOS and has no formatting.

Stopping yourself from getting something as valuable as books for free can be a tough call. No one is stopping you, but remember to make sure that the books you’re downloading are from a trusted source because we’ve all heard the stories of that one friend who ended up getting a horrible virus on their PC when trying to pirate an eBook or music. Avoid illegal downloads that end up giving you more than just your favourite books. Last but not least, consider supporting your favourite writers by buying their books whenever possible. It greatly helps them do what they love — write awesome stuff for you.

Do you read electronically? Have you opted to download free books? Where do you download free books from legally?

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How to download free books to read through legal means, including library sites. Read the full article via @tbookjunkie

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