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We have all been there haven’t we?  Spending hours searching on the internet, thinking that we have found the perfect place to relax for a few nights whilst travelling only to be completely dismayed by what we find when we arrive.

Hotel owners have no shame when it comes to advertising their property; happy to display photos that may represent the luxury hotel down the road but clearly misrepresent the hovel that they themselves possess.  Maintenance and upkeep are lacking and housekeeping appears to have taken a break.  Are you having any flashbacks yet?

To date, we have only had one horrendous experience and I would like to highlight that it was down to Mother Nature and the hurricane that hit Mexico in 2005.  Moving from our luxury, beach-front resort we were shipped off to a dingy concrete slab of a ‘hotel’ for our own protection.  Ok, so the protection part I could live with; the lack of food, running water or clean bed lining I couldn’t.  Even now, I can still recall the insipid smell that escaped from the room every time I opened the door.  In truth, it was an experience that almost stopped me returning to the wonderful country.

Now to avoid these horrors, I can often be found trawling through numerous hotel review sites, only booking after I am completely satisfied that what I see is what I am going to get.

Unlike us however, Patricia Brown, in her book Holiday Accommodation Horrors, is able to relieve several occurrences of nightmarish breaks away.

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As a trained nurse, Patricia values her time away whether it’s a short break or part of an annual lengthy getaway.  She realises the opportunity to get and explore but not everywhere her and her long suffering travel companion, husband Peter, go to have been a success.

From experiencing almost transparent towels and dirty bathmats in Morocco, filthy isolated cottages in Wales and having a nightclub vibrating through the floorboards of their hotel room in Portsmouth it sounds like the Browns have experienced it all.  Whether travelling in the UK or further afield to places like El Hiero, Cyprus or Sicily it seems that these two travellers are unlucky and anything is likely to happen to them:

“…we were staying at a hotel where the shower door came off in my hand.” (Page 30)

I am not sure that many people can acclaim to having that happen to them whilst they are on holiday!

Whilst hellish experiences at the time, the Browns are clearly able to laugh at what have got to be some of the most horrendous holiday experience ever – they are certainly ones that I would never want to encounter personally.

This is a light-hearted, humorous account of the worst hotel and guest house experiences one woman has been unfortunate enough to suffer.  Read this and you will find yourself cringing for them as Patricia describes each unbearable moment.  The only downside, Patricia never names and shames, so be warned you may end up staying at one of these locations for yourself.

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  • Sarah Ebner says:

    Glad to hear you haven’t had many horrors! We had an infestation of ants in Lanzarote once. They were everywhere. Still shudder when I think about it!

    • I hate ants – especially the flying kind!!! I would go into paranoid mode. We did have one other issue during a Greek holiday many years ago that led to us wedging towels under the door each night – it stopped the cockroaches coming in! I did begin to see them wherever we went; not a great experience.

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