Where To Stay In Order to Experience The Historical Side of Bangkok

Choosing The Right Place To Stay In Bangkok

Casa Nithra, Bangkok, Thailand, Travelling. Travel. Travelling Book Junkie

Casa Nithra’s Rooftop Pool

Bangkok, we had been warned would either be a city we loved or hated.  It seems that no matter who we spoke to, there was no middle ground.  Perhaps it is because we spend a great deal of our time in London, but for us we could not grasp the concept that people couldn’t like a city.

Then we arrived.

Bangkok is a city that, as soon as you step foot off of the plane and exit the city’s modern airport with its glorious air conditioning, overwhelms you.

Nothing can quite prepare you for the humid, potentially stifling heat that will hit you.  Add to this the overpowering sounds of traffic, the mixture of street food smells and the general overcrowding in certain areas of the city and we can easily see why some would prefer to fly in and get out as soon as possible.

For us however, we instantly feel in love. 

It is a city that never sleeps.  Bangkok has both a historical heart and a striking contemporary, cutting-edge modernism about it that is often lacking in other cities. 

Casa Nithra, Bangkok, Thailand, travelling, Travel, Travelling Book Junkie

The historical part of town at night

So Where Do You Start? 

Do you prefer modern surroundings or the character of an older community?

For us, the decision was difficult because we love both aspects.  However, instinctively we both knew that in order to truly understand the history of Krung Thep (how Thais refer to their capital city) we would need to spend time in the old, venerable part of the city. 

Why Samsen Road, Bangkok, Was The Perfect Choice?

Perhaps it was the cacophony of horns, the touting of the tuk-tuk drivers for business, or the street vendors all trying to sell you what they perceive to be the best food in Bangkok, but for us Samsen Road and the surrounding area really is an intense but compelling place to be.

Unlike other cities, which can be traversed on foot in a matter of hours, Bangkok is sprawling.  To attempt to wander from one district to another is simply impossible and therefore in order to see all of the major historical attractions, Samsen Road and its surrounding Sois were ideal.

Why We Chose To Stay at Casa Nithra

Casa Nithra, Bangkok, Thailand, Travelling, Travel, Travelling Book Junkie

Casa Nithra, Bangkok

Whilst we are inspired by the old, we also love a bit of the modern, so where better to stay than a hotel that promotes a luxurious boutique stay influenced by rich Thai arts and culture.

Casa Nithra also translates as ‘The house of good sleep’, which considering where it is situated, was a bold statement to make, and one that we wanted to either confirm or deny.

Set directly on the Samsen Road, it was initially hard to believe that no sound would be able to penetrate and disrupt our sleep.  However, climbing up the steps and wandering along the covered walkway, complete with coy-carp water feature, the noise of the busy road, diminished quickly.

Casa Nithra, Bangkok, Thailand, Samsen Road, Travelling, Travel, Travelling Book Junkie

The view of Casa Nithra from Samsen Road

Even the automatic sliding doors made no sound as we strolled through into the traditionally designed reception area.

Now, our flight landed at 8am, we had little sleep for close to 24 hours, had attempted to walk from the end of the BTS line at Phaya Thai failing miserably after wandering for close to half an hour in the unbearable morning heat whilst carrying 70 litre backpacks and still we were greeted with warm smiles and cooling drinks.  If judgement on our appearance was to be made, they definitely waited until we were comfortable relaxing in our upgraded deluxe room.

The Room

Casa Nithra, Bangkok, Thailand, Travelling, Travel, Travelling Book Junkie

Our Room at Casa Nithra, Bangkok

The warm cream walls, complimented the mocha and peanut coloured accessories without making the room seem unnecessarily dark whilst the wardrobes, desk area and coffee table were a deep walnut.   

Along with the numerous lamps spread across the room, we were pleasantly surprised to find our room came with its very own balcony where the floor-to-ceiling window covered an entire wall, allowing for plenty of natural light, and should we desire the ability to allow the noisy outside in. 

However, we opted instead for the extremely welcoming air con that flooded the room every time we entered.  The view outside wasn’t much to look at,  a petrol station and electricity cables galore,  plus the oppressive heat was energy sapping so we took the opportunity to cool down whenever we could.

And then there was the clear glass partition between the bedroom and the bathroom.

Sounds wrong, right?

Well, it’s not quite as bad as it sounds.  The hotel has clearly thought privacy, providing a hickory coloured wooden, slatted blind that can easily be pulled down before stepping into the shower or bath.  The shower curtain itself is also thick enough so that should you want a little more light, you simply had to pull it across to in order to be able to use the toilet in peace.

Casa Nithra, Bangkok, Thailand, Travelling, Travel, Travelling Book Junkie, Stylishly affordable

The Glass Partition

The bathroom was spacious, with plenty of room to unpack all of our toiletries without making it look cluttered and because of the lighter, topaz gold tiling it always felt welcoming but airy.

Casa Nithra, Bangkok, Thailand, Travelling, Travel, Travelling Book Junkie

The large bathroom at Casa Nithra

Ultimately, Casa Nithra provided us with everything we needed for a comfortable stay.

Casa Nithra, Bangkok, Thailand, travelling, travel, travelling book junkie

The snack selection in our room

The Rooftop

Casa Nithra, Bangkok, Thiailand, Travelling, Travel, Travelling book junkie

The view at night from the Rooftop

It is well-known that I spend hours researching each place before we travel, with Paul often giving me a list of things that he would like in each hotel we stay in.  Bangkok was no different – although he only had one simple requirement this time – a rooftop swimming pool.

However, unlike the new area of the city, there are no skyscrapers here with award-winning views and so finding a pool area that would suit our needs was much harder than I expected it to be.

Casa Nithra, Bnagkok, Thailand, Travel, Travelling, Travelling Book Junkie

The rooftop swimming pool

Not giving up on the coveted pool though meant that we found a little haven far away from the congested streets below.  It was a place that, after a long day of sightseeing, we could head up to the roof, daggle our feet in the cold waters and sip on a cocktail. 

Cas Nithra, rooftop pool, Bangkok, Thailand, Travelling, Travel, Travelling Book Junkie

Paul relaxing by the pool

It was the ideal place to unwind before hitting the streets once again in search of food and the famous nightlife of Khao San Road.

rooftop bar, Csa Nithra, Bangkok, Thailand, travelling, travel, Travelling Book Junkie

The rooftop bar at night

Would We Return to Casa Nithra?

Bangkok has over 9,000 hotels, B & B’s and hostels so to say that we would return when there is so much choice would be difficult however, that’s not to say we wouldn’t return we are just a couple that want to try as many different places as possible.

Would I Recommend Casa Nithra To Others?  Definitely.

It is the perfect location in the heart of Old Town Bangkok, close to historical monuments, great eateries and world-famous nightlife. 

If you are a person that wants to be in the mix of it all, but not really a fan of hostel stays this is the ideal choice – it offers the location and the luxury that many of us crave.

Casa Nithra, boutique hotel, Bangkok, Travel, Thailand, travelling, Travelling Book Junkie

Casa Nithra – a Small Boutique Hotel

Have you stayed in a Bangkok hotel around the Old Town that you would recommend to others?  Perhaps you know of a hotel that we should be staying in next time we head to Bangkok?  We would love to hear your suggestions.


  • I adore the vibrancy of Bangkok and loved staying in the heart of the city as it meant I could walk to many attractions. Hopping aboard a water bus or into a taxi meant getting around was easy. I’ll bear in mind your tips for future trips.

  • Jackie says:

    Casa Nithra looks like an awesome place to stay! Love the view from the rooftop & the pool. Awesome recommendation, I’ll have to keep this hotel in mind!

  • Annette says:

    I’m OBSESSED with BKK! I was there in November. I loved it so much that I’m actually moving there later this YEAR! The hotel you stayed in looked really nice! I’d have a cocktail by that pool anytime!

  • Milijana says:

    Oh, I just adore Bangkok! Casa Nihtra seems to have a perfect location to explore the city and to experience the most of it. And, the rooftop pool is absolutely wonderful. Would love to stay there during my next visit to Bangkok!

    • It was very central for the old part of the city and the river which means that you could also very easily hop on a boat to get to either Wat Arun or the newer part of Bangkok. Would definitely return and stay in this area again 🙂

  • Leslie says:

    Looks like an amazing room, I love the rooftop view. I hope I’m able to visit Bangkok soon. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  • Asia says:

    I agree. Bangkok is super intense! I’ve been twice so far but still don’t think I fully understand it. Thank you for a new hotel reco!!

    • Intense is a really good way to describe Bangkok. The only time I felt completely overwhelmed however was when we took a short trip to China Town. Up until visiting I had been adamant that our next hotel would be in that part of the city, I am so glad we chose a different district however, as I am not sure I would have enjoyed it as much.

  • Sara says:

    I’ve never thought to actually stay in the city, most of the time I think of it as a gateway to the rest of Thailand. Sounds like I have to rethink that idea now!

    • If you haven’t done so already, I highly recommend spending time there. It is such a beautiful city and has so much to do, both in the new and the old areas. Definitely spend a bit of time there if you get the chance. 🙂

  • 33andfree says:

    I loved reading your take on Bangkok. We were told the exact same thing before we went there. I really liked the hotel that you chose and all the information you provided. Reading a post that focuses on the actual area and hotel is nice. I wish we had this before we went! We ended up loving our time there!

  • Ellis says:

    I stayed in Bangkok near the train station and I thought this was also a more quiet option and quite central. And yes, Bangkok, can be overwhelming. This hotel looks gorgeous though. I wish I knew about it when I was there.

  • Liza says:

    Looks like a lovely hotel. We stayed in Le Tada Parkview and couldn’t be more satisfied. I think it’s one of the best rated hotels in Bangkok.

  • Hallie says:

    Chose a good place to stay in a city with so many it can be hard to tell if you’ve made the right choice that’s for sure. But it looks like you guys did. Bangkok was definitely not a hit for me, but I’d like to go back to see it again. I don’t think it got the time it deserved on my last trip to be honest.

    • Did you stay in the old or new part of the city? Both offer very different things. I do sometimes think that you need to visit a place more than once for you to really enjoy it. If you do go back, I do hope you enjoy it this time.

  • Nicki says:

    I have yet to visit – but also hear the same things. I have had friends rushing to book tickets to leave and others begging to stay longer. I suppose every travel experience is entirely different.

    I will look into this place for when I visit – I liked the pool too.

    • It is really strange. I know that there are cities out there that people either love or wouldn’t necessarily return to, but Bangkok seems to evoke a much stronger feeling among people.

  • Stephanie says:

    I’m toying with the idea of visiting Bangkok this spring. Good to have these tips in hand. I really do love history, so I think the historical side will appeal to me! Your hotel looked fabulous. Anywhere with a bathtub will make me hoppy.

    • If you love history you will like this part of town. You cannot turn a corner without seeing something different – temples, old buildings, the palace. It really is a great place to spend time. I tend to look for hotels with bath tubs just in case because you just never know when you will fancy a nice bubble bath.

  • Paige Wunder says:

    This definitely looks like a great place to stay! I’m heading back to Thailand in about 7.5 months and we’ve ben trying to find the perfect spot to stay. I’m going to have to consider this as a place to stay. I love the snack collection, the view and the pool! Looks very nice.

    • We stayed in three hotels in Bangkok, two of which were in this area, and if you are after snacks this is most definitely the hotel for you. It is also so central to all the sights and great food options.

  • Anne says:

    The rooftop pool here is truly incredible. I love the colour and it looks quite spacious too. Bangkok is definitely a noisy place but one I love!

    • It was surprisingly quiet for a city around the pool. The colour of this pool does stand out from many others I looked at – very green! There was always plenty of space as well which is always a good thing in my opinion. 🙂

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