Evening Desert Safari Dubai trip

Enjoy an evening desert safari in Dubai with @tbookjunkie

If you love evening tours, then the evening Desert Safari Dubai trip is meant for you. You will embark on this evening tour at around 4:00 p.m. 

During the trip, you’ll be entertained and engaged in exciting activities while enjoying delicious refreshments and refreshing drinks. You can also opt for dune buggy rental Dubai tours for an exciting experience driving a buggy in the Dubai desert.

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You will have an opportunity to watch the beautiful sunset over the dunes scenes. Pictures of the desert sunset are works of art in their own right. There will be opportunities to go dune bashing and enjoy other desert activities.

Everyone loves the Evening Desert Safari Dubai since it’s an exciting way to see the city after dark and experience the local culture. 

In addition, you get to enjoy live performances and explore other attractions in the desert. Remember to bring a camera to document your fun times while participating in desert sports and other camp activities.

Evening Desert Safari Dubai Trip Activities 

People often go dune bashing on some bevelled dunes on their first day of a desert safari vacation. The Arabian Desert Safari is in Dubai and has dunes that are more than 120 meters high (400 feet).

When people go on the Desert Safari in Dubai, they also have the chance to ride quad bikes, which can be a lot of fun. At first, it might be hard to keep your balance on a quad bike, but with a little practice and help from the teacher, you’ll soon be a pro rider.

During a safari, the nights spent in the deserts are so beautiful that they will make you fall in love. Riding a camel to the campsite is a great way to learn more about how beautiful Arabian culture is.

But many people who come to see the sunset can’t find the right words to describe its beauty. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see a dance show and simultaneously eat a dinner of the highest quality.

The most helpful Desert Safari Dubai trips are the ones that teach you something new. Try to spend the night in the desert if you can. Go to a Bedouin restaurant. The fire dance, the Tanoura, and the belly dancing will astonish you.

Things to remember when planning a desert safari 

When planning a desert safari in Dubai, you should remember this adventurous one. You will have a chance to have an in-depth exploration of the desert in Dubai, and there are several activities to participate in. Therefore you should take a light meal before the trip to avoid getting sick, like when sandboarding or dune bashing.

Why go on an Evening Desert Safari Dubai trip

Below are some reasons why to go for an evening desert safari Dubai trip: 

  • For Relaxing after a long day 
  • Enjoy the amazing show at dusk
  • Prices are reasonable 
  • Enjoy a barbecue dinner at the desert
  • Hubbly bubbly shisha
  • Enjoy camel riding 
  • Enjoy serenity and peace in the desert

 As the day goes on, the weather in Dubai gets cooler. Thus, travellers who are worried about the weather can go on an evening desert safari Dubai trip.

If you go on a desert safari in Dubai with Dubai Desert Fun, you can learn about the unique customs and culture of the desert. This will be something you’ll never forget.

When the moon and stars are in the same place at the same time, the view will be one to remember. A safari through the desert at night is a great way to learn about and get a feel for the culture of the Middle East.

The best part of the evening’s special is the desert safari during the golden hour. The scenery is so beautiful that you shouldn’t miss this chance to watch the sun go down.

 The view is unique, and you won’t be able to find it anywhere else. 

If you want to try something different, Dubai Desert Safari allows you to ride a camel. Imagine that you are on a floating boat in Dubai above the Desert Safari. Take in what you can see and hear.

The camel is the best animal you will ever meet, so don’t worry about it hurting you in any way. If you want to, you can take pictures with the camel.

Camels in the sahara, erg Chebbi, Morocco

Our ride awaits

Camping Desert Trip

You can opt to camp, where you spend the whole night in the Dubai desert. You will enjoy a live show where you learn about the Arabian culture and enjoy belly dancing and Tanoura. All while you are, you relax with a traditional Arabic drink and a Hubbly bubble shisha. 

You can also get a henna tattoo and paint with henna. You should not worry because getting a tattoo is not risky. 

Buffet dinner is included on this Desert Safari Dubai for those who choose to camp. The buffet is ideal for both vegans and meat eaters. There are also drinks such as traditional Arabic style Gahwa among others.

The evening Desert Safari Dubai trip is surprisingly affordable. The trip includes several desert activities for a relaxing, enjoyable and memorable evening in the desert. 

As the desert may be quite chilly at night, you should pack some warm clothing and accessories like shawls, caps, and coats. You also should wear comfortable shoes so you can relax. It’s not a good idea to get on a dune buggy after drinking alcohol. Those who choose to camp will enjoy a delicious buffet and drinks at the camp of Desert Safari Dubai.  

Have you been on a desert safari? Perhaps you have spent a night under the stars and would like to share your experience with us.

Robeena Brown is a travel blogger & destination expert living in UAE and works for local tourism companies like Arabiers.

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