Ditch The Daily Commute and Save Two Weeks a Year

What Would You Do If You Had Two Extra Weeks A Year?

What if we told you that on average, you are losing two working weeks a year thanks to your daily commute?  That is two weeks where you could be spending time with loved ones doing something far less mundane than sitting on a train, watching the world go by, wishing you were anywhere other than on the 6.45am heading into London each day.

Would You Give Up The Daily Commute?

Each day, thousands try to avoid thinking about their commute into the city and the hours they are wasting just sitting there.  Some try to make it as productive as possible – answering emails, returning business calls, or reading the morning paper whilst others take this as an opportunity to catch up on sleep, often unconsciously snoring out loud whilst using their fellow commuters as a pillow.

But, if each of those commuters were to actually think about how much time they spent on their daily journeys – would they really see it as time well spent?

If you had asked me three years ago whether I even noticed this ‘dead’ time, honestly, I would have to say no.  To me, it was just a necessary evil in order to achieve what I wanted to do in my career, but on reflection, to find out that I was losing so much time each year is actually quiet depressing.

How Do I Now Save Time?

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Instead of the morning commute I now get to watch the sunrise from anywhere in the world

Remote working is not something that only those digitally minded enough can do.  Yes, if you have the entrepreneurial skills you may well be able to create an online business that stands out and makes money, but not everyone has that inventive spark.  Others, like me, make money through blogging and a website such as this one – writing articles, developing social media campaigns and promoting companies – but again this is not for everyone.

So How Else Can You Work Remotely?

Before writing, I taught.  I know two very different careers, each one rewarding in their own way.  When I decided to make a change, I not only changed what I did but how I did it.  I wanted to work from any location, when I wanted.  I didn’t want to be dictated to by others, by time or by place, which I understand is not for everyone.  Some people still want structure to their day, still want others to talk to and work for – so if this is you, how can you achieve this remotely?

beach life, remote working, travelling, travel, Travelling Book Junkie, Unique Travel, Unusual Travel

I can now visit the beach whenever I choose

Whilst it can often feel impossible, chances are any job can be done remotely, it is just a case of thinking outside of the box.  For example, in a previous life as a teacher, I felt that I needed to be in front of a group of people each day in order to do my job properly – but should I ever wish to return to the profession there is nothing stopping me from switching on my computer to run webinars and full-length classroom tutorials directly from my home office, complete with interaction from my learners.  Some may say that this still lacks the human touch but for others, they will see this as an opportunity to perhaps travel the world and earn money at the same time.

Don’t fancy being an Online Teacher?  Then perhaps you would prefer a role in Customer Services, or as an Online Nurse, helping to manage the case load of those face-to-face with patients.  Alternatively, if you are more technically minded perhaps a role as a Virtual Assistant or a Search Engine Evaluator may be more suited to your skills.

Whatever your role is now, chances are there is a way to complete your work online which means you would be free of the daily commute, gaining more than two weeks a year to explore other things.

What Would You Do With Two Extra Weeks A Year?

Could you imagine having an extra two weeks a year?  OK, so I understand that this is not a time you could take all at once, but just thinking about it frustrates me.  I spent over 10 years commuting in this manner, losing all this time.

If we break it down further, that two weeks equates to around 45 minutes a day – so whilst we are not talking about an extra exotic holiday each year, we are saying that you have close to an hour each day of your working week where, should you decide to work remotely, or in fact simply move closer to home, you could do something for yourself.

Perhaps you cherish that extra hour in bed, or maybe you would take this as an opportunity to go for that leisurely coffee, or spend time at the gym.  Ultimately, you can do with it, whatever you wish.  This choice is completely yours.

Not convinced yet?  Then take a look at this info-graphic, highlighting just how much time is lost each year thanks to the daily commute.

Citrix, London Commute, Remote Working, Travelling, Travel, Travelling Book Junkie

Facts provided by Citrix GoToMeeting

Have you given up the normal 9-5?  Did you sack the daily commute for a life less-stressful?  We would love to hear about your career choices.  Or perhaps you are a person who loves their morning commute and would like to share with our readers why.

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